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Corporate social responsibility thesis ppt

corporate social responsibility thesis ppt

In the framework of this project it has been repeatedly said that The Gambia tourism product should not be an example to follow for Sierra Leone (fias, 2006 although the similarity of both countries in terms of socio-economic conditions and tourism assets, make them comparable. Recipes, production processes, food presentation local food is described as food and drink that is locally produced or sold as a local speciality and is in some way distinctive to an area (Christie and Woodfield,.d.). Figure 1: Local linkages with tourism illustration not visible in this excerpt Advocates of tourism (i.e. This model proposes ( Figure 3 ) a hypothetical36 evolution of a tourist area, and suggests that destinations can pass through six stages from exploration to stagnation, with two possible outcomes: the rejuvenation or the decline of a destination, due. In addition, the valuable information provided by all restaurants, hotels, the National Tourist Board of Sierra Leone, governmental and non-governmental bodies, and members of the finance community is gratefully acknowledged. 95 empirical evidence supports that the consumer must perceive high eating quality.

Corporate Social, responsibility _ ppt, corporate Social

After all, solving such problems is what our service was created for! Rainfall) are considered the most relevant risk. Climate protection Resource consumption Renewable energies Environmental corporate social responsibility thesis ppt burden at the site Environmental consciousness of employees Environmental management Compatibility of family profession Further training qualification Equal opportunities diversity Working safety Employee participation Company donations Sponsoring Award of contract to social organizations Foundations. Online Homework Help at Its Best. Deployment of natural resources and addressing of social and cultural impacts of tourism (i.e. Local produce branding/community-led food initiatives (e.g. Within this context, the literature widely recommends the adoption of sustainable practices (social, economic and environmental) in order to maintain long-term competitiveness for a destination.

Natural Resource perspectives,. Chapter 2 reviews the literature dealing with tourism as a poverty alleviation tool, and the linkages between food production and tourism/recreation sector (RQ1 and then a case study is presented (RQ 2). Policy Framework This is considered the enabling environment for carrying out any tourism related activity. Chapter 5 provides an overview of both food sub-sectors analyzed during the fieldwork. While leakages- studies focused only on the entire package price of the tourism product counting for two-third of the total cost, this same source stresses the importance to consider the total holiday cost. While you pay for homework, we offer those options for free. Authored by, statement Of Purpose Writing Service,. Unique natural or cultural attractions markets (i.e. Fields of activity of CSR, cSR/Responsible Company Management is manageable through consideration and formation offour different fields of activity The starting points, topics and entry opportunities are different for each enterprise, there is no single path Market Environment Workplace Community Product quality. 52 Washington State Regional Services; a team within the Washington State Department of Community, Trade Economic Development; retrieved July 12, 2007, from: p?i11.

Eat the View was a UK governmental initiative that lasted six years, from 2000 to 2006, with the aim at maintaining the countryside as a recreation/tourism asset, while providing a stable source of income and employment generation (farming, accommodations, restaurants). Construction and maintenance of luxury hotels, planes and cruise ships know-how (i.e. How can we learn from other enterprises in networks? Implementing CSR activities forming working team concretizing CSR measures How does the corporate management signalize that it is a crucial topic for them? In fact, it is rather a matter of definition, more than of conceptualization and implications (Williams and Hall, 2000). The Peak District Foods34, based around the first British National Park located in the Peak District (Heart of England Region is a strategic alliance between different government bodies, territory tourism authorities, local food producers, tourism services providers, and the University of Derby. Ethic CSR is regarded as an obligation or as a social standard for the enterprise also if the profitability of enterprises is limited actions are justified by the social contract which the enterprise as an institution has implicitly concluded. Yet, as the economic case.g. According to this study, healthy eating is obviously an important issue in their lives for almost 23 of the respondents, being the fifth after crime, terrorism, health provision, and drugs (health safety concerns). The development of the private sector remains restricted due to the lack of access to credit (IMF, 2007a although several micro financing institutions are already operating in the country, targeting the rural poor68.

1.1 Kundenbindung, Image und CSR. Retrieved July, 12, 2007, from:. Today this is the biggest contributor to national wealth, accounting for 16 of GDP in 2005, and also remains the second biggest source of direct employment in the country, after agriculture, with 2,700 workers. To better understand the importance of the tourism-migration nexus as an aim to poverty reduction, first of all, it must be identified the demand sides real limits and opportunities (including all kinds of migration in order to establish linkages with local small-scale farmers. Negatively, farmers can also abandon traditional crops and foods for tourists demanded products (Sharkey and Momsen, 1995). 3 case study, gambia IS good.3.1 Area and Context.3.2 Tourism in The Gambia.3.3 Background and details of the PPT initiative.3.4 Pro-poor focused actions.3.5 Specific actions to involve the poor or address barriers to participation.3.6 Implementation. Retrieved July, 28, 2007, from: www. Compared to many programs observed in Sierra Leone aimed for food security (quantity) and measured by its outreach (number this proposal would only target a reduced group of 20 female small-scale peri-urban farmers plus eventually 5-10 female street vendors. Outside the most popular corporate social responsibility thesis ppt supermarkets amongst foreign expatriates, newly designed stalls inspired by Gambia is Good could be placed. However, authors opinions relating the maturity grade and linkages with the rest of the economy within a tourist destination are contradictory.

Topic_ Theories of, corporate

Then, the selected PPT initiative for this case study and its components are shortly explained, followed by an overview of critical factors for further success, and the impacts on the poor. What fields of activity are there in CSR? Gomes (1993) emphasizes the involvement of all stakeholders, as well as the crucial role of government bodies to assist them whenever possible. 2.3.2 Tourism in The Gambia The Gambia's vulnerability to fluctuations in agricultural prices was recognised shortly after independence, and consequently the government initiated the development of a tourist sector. Gender) and geographical area, even if some non-poor participants or only the fairly poor (already doing well by their own) get involved (World Bank, 2001). In this respect, the Tourism Sustainability Group (TSG) of the European Commission (TSG, 2007;.8) points out the implications of seasonality for tourism as follow: The concentration of tourism trips into certain periods of the year has a major effect on sustainability. 29 FSA is the non-ministerial department of the United Kingdom Government, responsible for public health related to food consumption. CSR by Budnikowsky GmbH. According to the latest United Kingdom Input-Output Analyses of the Office for National Statistics (ONS, 2006 in 2004, the value of household spending on eating out (87.5 billion) surpassed those of domestic eating (85.8 billion). 27 Migration and Development, accessed July 10, 2007, from:. Weekend markets, food festivals).

It is wider accepted that boundaries between work and tourism/leisure have been over-simplified, and are often dissolved or are at least ambiguous as Bianchi (2000) states. Students lead busy lives and often forget about an upcoming deadline. Workshop Part 3 What experience have I gathered by the corporate social responsibility thesis ppt introduction of CSR? One particular study on The Gambia (Farver, 1984) reported the competition between tourism and agriculture for labour force, as both the peak tourist season and the entrenched production patterns (dependent on local seasonal weather and climate local characteristics) coincide. Food trends and lifestyle encompass other numerous variables such as location (Belk, 1974 and the social symbolism of eating out, as"d by Finkelstein (1989 In our society, much of dining out has to do with self-presentation, through images. They then go on reassuring a stressed-out student that indeed, our service can deliver high-quality works within a matter of several hours. (1995) Management and Supply in Agriculture and Natural Resources: Is Decentralization the Answer? 44 The International Fund for Agricultural Development (ifad a rural poverty reduction specialized agency of the United Nations.

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Strategies coping with the stagnation to re-launch a destination depends on the quality of the resources available, and the capability of the government, principally, but also on the involvement of other actors to ensure the protection and preservation of local competitive (hotels. 46 Slow Food Ark of Taste at: sso, accessed January 10, 2007. In unwto (2007) Tourism will contribute to solutions for global climate change and poverty challenges. 68 m, accessed July 10, 2007. Though ethical or altruistic motives might be the driving force behind such a commitment, there are trade-offs between corporate social responsibility thesis ppt profit motives and social or environmental concerns (Adams, 2006). 2.3 case study gambia IS good To better illustrate the key issues identified in the literature review, it is presented a case study which examines the lessons learnt from previous pro-poor initiatives and the factors affecting backward-linkages between tourism and agriculture in The Gambia. This paradigm is difficult to apply when the tourism industry is not viable in a country, and the great majority of tourism establishments have insufficient numbers of clients to make profits, a fact that was already identified. Cohen and Avieli (2004) argued that authenticity of local cuisine is an arrangement of food selection, preparation, tastes and place of consumption, adapted more o less to tourists food habits and preferences to avoid repulsion, yet without loosing cultural integrity and originality. Id21 is funded by the UK Government Department for International Development.

50 Participation in High-Value Agricultural Markets, International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington. 32 FAO (1998) Food Quality and Safety Systems - A Training Manual on Food Hygiene and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (haccp) System. The literature review showed that English nationals spend important amounts in eating-out, consume more FFV (Fresh Fruits and Vegetables) and fish, and are willing to pay a premium for quality fresh food with some ethical attributes, all of them relevant issues to Sierra Leone. It does not matter to us, whether you are too busy at work, concentrating on a passion project, or simply tired of a seemingly infinite flow of assignments. The already existing market of local elites and expatriates (including the supermarkets) provides an excellent ground to start a project, even if economic sustainability -lack of profitable market- remains a major constraint. (2004) report the general lack of promotion of traditional crops and foods in developing countries. Retrieved August 1, 2007, from: m _ml. First of all, tourism-related governmental bodies can support the promotion of local cuisine engaging the private sector at an early stage, implementing quality standards, and training provision to enhance the levels of professionalism and awareness of local heritage. Another interesting and relevant fact about typical British Identity characteristics reported in 2004 by the UK National Centre for Social Research (hetb,.d. 1.1 Information related to the CSR Project. Food habits : cultural and demographic factors determine meal patterns (time, quantity, acquisition, and preparation eating etiquette and edibility; they establish what and which parts can be eaten. General quality attributes are divided into two groups: extrinsic, form, colour, freshness, and packaging as well as intrinsic ones,.g.

Much of the research refers to the impact of tourism-caused displacements (e.g. Technological and processing limitations Value adding agriculture51 is considered by many developed52 and less developed countries53 as a key issue contributing to rural development at local or national level. Mining, may influence the development of tourism. Today's Free PowerPoint Template For SlideServe users Download Now Download Presentation Connecting to Server. Increased incomes (Ashley, 2006; Ashley., 2005; Ashley., 2001; compare also Hackel, 1999). Especially those tourist destinations without unique attractions and dependent on sun and sand-tourism are quickly replaced by others, more stable and safer and with similar resources (Neumayer, 2004; Mansfeld, 1999). In fact, Sierra Leone cannot utilize many of the guidelines for pro-poor tourism or corporate social responsibility yet, as they are not applicable to a country with a tourism economy that is not currently functioning profitably. Kwaramba (1998) Marketing through Contracts and Cub-contracts by smallholder Farmers of Zimbabwe. (2002 landscape and cultural attractions have been considered crucial elements of a destination; with gastronomy ranking 6th from 20 elements contributing to the destinations appeal, in 25 previously reviewed studies (see Annex II ). Our experienced writers are used to dealing with urgent tasks and producing great papers within a limited time.

All of them being common issues of the pro-poor tourism approach (Ashley., 2001). 1 Corporate Social Responsibility in SMEs. Niche markets, non-family segment, domestic markets and developing unique products.g. A similar result was obtained by Christie and Woodfield (n.d.) in a study prepared for the UK Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and Food and the Countryside Agency on Tourists attitude towards regional and local foods, where almost 70 of 2,800 interviewed. This reliance on a single crop with fluctuating international prices translates into insecure export revenues as well as into uncertainty for this countrys major economic sector. While the informal sectors crucial role as an crucial component of the economy in many LDCs tourist destinations has been widely recognized, it has been seldom integrated in official government policies or in tourism development plans (Wall, 1996).

PPT, corporate Social, responsibility!

Retrieved July 13, 2007, from: BBC news Online at m#. Chapter 3 introduces the research framework and methods derived from the literature and the case study Gambia is Good review. What does strategic CSR mean to us? Attendants of responsible tourism approaches (Goodwin, 2005, Torres and Momsen, 2004; TSG, 2007) stress the necessity of strategies coping with tourist low seasons to stimulate demand, by targeting other markets,.g. However, the concept of establishing backward linkages between the hotel industry in Sierra Leone and local producers has been considered to be relevant by fias (The Foreign Investment Advisory Service)1 and dfid (Department for International Development, UK) (. (See fields of actions/value chain) Who is your CSR message oriented corporate social responsibility thesis ppt at?

Wild species, luxury image. The type of visitor accommodation (ownership, size and class) Several authors surveyed the effects of type of accommodation in respect to corporate social responsibility thesis ppt ownership, size and class local food procurement (Bélisle, 1984; Telfer and Wall, 2000; Torres and Momsen, 2004). Is there press feedback? As reported in the literature (Bélisle, 1984; Torres and Momsen 2004, Meler and Cerovi, 2003) tourist expenditures for food and beverages frequently account for an average of 30 of their total spending. You should introduce the person you're writing your biography about. World Bank Group, retrieved July 10, 2007, from:. Hakansson and Wootz (1975) argue that, generally, industrial buyers prefer to buy from local suppliers because they are less expensive, and delivery may be more flexible and on time, due to their proximity. In this context, Andreatta (1998) Tadesse (1991) and Torres and Momsen (2004) argued that western societies in tourist outbound markets are exposed to exotic and sophisticated international foods, and hence more willing to taste and demand new local flavours in other countries. Spatial patterns of supply Dolan. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server.

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Well find the best-suited writer for your dissertation and get them to work as soon as possible. When possible, this review was completed with further sources. He is also very grateful to fias and the World Bank branch in Sierra Leone for the financial and logistic support provided. That is certainly so, in mature destinations, where tourism is established as an important component of the local economy, as in the case of Yucatan, where backward-linkages with the national illustration not visible in this excerpt agriculture increased. Industry and technology news and features, plus subscription thesis writing ppt thesis writing ppt information for the printed version No Fear Shakespeare. What are the definite goals which we want to achieve measurably? This paradigm is difficult to apply when the tourism industry is not viable in a country and the great majority of tourism establishments have insufficient numbers of clients to make profit. They furthermore state that PPT is not a specific product or sector of tourism, but an approach. Based on the foregoing, Chapter 6 discusses the findings, and presents recommendations for the design of strategies to promote local food consumption in Sierra Leone, as a tool to enhance its attractiveness and reduce poverty. The Gambia's post independence history (till 1965 a British colony) has been more stable than that of many other countries in the region (compare Neumayer, 2004; Mansfeld, 1999 yet it has experienced some political instability in the 1980s and 1990s. Retrieved January 15, 2007, from: /resources/fto-members. Thesis writing ppt This will teach you from the very first Chapter up research paper websites for kids to the last Dec 17, 2012 Parts of a thesis writing ppt thesis thesis writing ppt statement This feature is not available right now.

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42 See also corporate social responsibility thesis ppt Pro-Poor Tourism approach at: ml, accessed November 13, 2006. In fact, practically all tourism activities are linked to food consumption; even those tourists travelling for a range of other motives and values (Freyer, 1999) rather than gastronomic attractions, they still have to eat (Hall., 2003; see also Belonax, 1997). Peri-urban agriculture around Freetown provided the adequate context for examining the linkages and the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, due to the proximity to the potential tourism market and the impact on poverty reduction,. 2 literature review The purpose of this chapter is to provide a theoretical basis and framework for assessing pro-poor tourism initiatives fostering backward-linkages between tourism and agriculture, as well as to identify key factors and concepts contained. This same source acknowledges that the middle peasantry, namely the less poor, might benefit the most. Database: xls, xlsx, ods. Much has been written about adequate or inadequate tourism development forms (high-end versus low-end, large-scale versus eco-tourism, etc.

Are customer (stakeholder) surveys performed? While diarrhoeal diseases have been thought to be related to unsuitable hygienic practices for food production, handling and preparation, the consequences on tourism and food demand of local products have been underestimated. On the contrary, such operations as washing, pre-sorting and packaging, already done in the past to supply the UN-troops stationed in Sierra Leone, would make a considerable difference. Physical capital : basic infrastructure and services such as shelter, transport, sanitation, energy and communications. BBA Project Report l MBA Synopsis l Final Project MBA l Research l Thesis. While some authors (Latimer, 1985; Hermans, 1981; Torres and Momsen, 2004) considered wage (e.g. Strategies focused on economic benefits Expansion of business opportunities (linkages, creation of enterprises employment opportunities (skilled and unskilled and improvement of collective benefits (collective income from tourism activities). Strategies focused on non-economic impacts Capacity building, training, empowerment (i.e. Get your plagiarism-free and high-quality paper.

In this respect, the literature suggests that tourism and migration might stimulate consumers demand for locally, high-value produced food with specific health, ethical or ethnic characteristics (Schneider, 1993; Tadesse, 1991; Torres and Momsen, 2004) and, even, create the. Retrieved July 3, 2007, from: m#bm07. What must I consider by my future CSR activities? This same source stresses, that while agri-tourism linkages are relevant, other linkages (e.g. Social and environmental engagement is recognized by tourism awards or Fair Trade Certification, thus addressing the ethical expectations of an important number of tour operators. In this context, travellers diarrhoea (TD) is one of the main causes of illness amongst UK travellers visiting developing countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East (Al-Abri., 2005). Lack of demand to the decreasing (subsistence) or finally abandonment of farming or fishing activities.57 Improvements in distribution infrastructure not only contribute to reduce transportation costs but they also, as widely acknowledge by the World Bank58, facilitate the access. Workshop Part 1 What is Corporate Social Responsibility? Focus: Strategic aspects of csrfour Field Matrix not strategic strategic in the broader sense proactive altruistic CSR strategic CSR in the proper sense Behaviour of the company ethic CSR reactive/ tactical CSR reactive low Integration in the business model high.

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The enclave nature of the current accommodation and gastronomy sectors in Freetown benefiting only the local elites, confirms such negative impacts; a number of supermarkets and restaurants cater foreign expatriates working and living in Sierra Leone with imported canned food and meat. Second, due to their volume of operations in terms of turnover, they can influence their suppliers and distributors, which could be a persuasive force to adapt sustainable policies along the components (accommodation, activities, food) of the supply chain (see Figure 1). Agriculture, land tenure - (Ashley., 2001; see also Torres and Momsen, 2004) and, specifically within tourism as well as planning processes, to enable pro-poor growth. Often, there are no results to these cries for help because your peers may be either as busy as you are or not confident they can deliver a well-written assignment worth the money you are paying. Many students who come to our site want to know how fast we can deliver a completed paper to them. Following the introduction and research objective (Chapter l this thesis is divided into six chapters. Food And Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Rome. As a conclusion, pro-poor related initiatives constitute a time-consuming, complex learning process, which constantly evaluates and improves activities undertaken, requiring long-term commitment and enthusiasm of all stakeholders, as well as funds to cover start-up and operational costs. Finally, and crucial for all kinds of tourism, is the protection of natural assets, as tourism depends on environmental quality and landscape attractiveness. After discovering our site, you will no longer need to bother your friends with such requests. Checking CSR activities performing success checks striving for improvements Training task 3 Now plan your own CSR project with the help of CSR introductory questions! What experiences have you gained thereby? Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation.