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Shooting stars carol ann duffy essay

shooting stars carol ann duffy essay

Duffy names these people gives them back part of their individuality which the soldiers callously took away, and reminds us that these were real people who all sadly met the same fate. The victims clothes would be too big and in bad condition while they also looked tired and most probably quite ill too. This image is disgusting as it tells us of what the womans torture entailed. As a result the writers haunting imagery effectively reminds the reader how disgusting the Nazi soldiers were by employing boys to their dirty work for them is utterly unacceptable. Loosened/his belt - The enjambment between the words loosened and belt brings our attention to the horrifying fact that the soldier may have been about to hit her with it, but the following sentence implies something much more disturbing.

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The narrator appears to be female and the terrifying experience she went through was not unique. One way the writer continues to present the theme of tragedy is with her clever use of enjambment; this is evident in stanza one, lines two and three, Rachel Rebecca Ruth Aaron Emmanuel David. The soldiers would feel stupid for not noticing her and she will be terrified at being caught. Here the writers single word sentence creates shooting stars carol ann duffy essay a sudden awareness to how quickly victim died. We forget all too quickly.

Duffy reminds us that the enormity of the Holocaust has made little impact, for the human race is still intent on inflicting shooting stars carol ann duffy essay human suffering. This return back to the concentration camps also shows the cyclic ature of suffering in Duffys message to the reader, humans inflict suffering unto other humans and then when the events have been forgotten they are repeated. The enjambment used in this sentence could be seen as the passing of time for the woman, and how the realisation of what was about to happen to her, actually happened. The title choice, shooting, stars ' is a very effective and ambiguous title. The first two lines create a vivid picture of the soldiers inhumanity towards other human beings, the unthinking, uncaring cruelty with which one race imposes on another. We will never forget. We will write a custom essay. We will write a custom essay on, shooting, stars by, carol, ann, duffy, critical. This technique is used to emphasize the point, "Mourn for the daughters / upright as statues" and carry the impact through the two stanzas. This poem has been written in the form of a dramatic monologue as it is written in first person narrative to give us an honest approach to what is a very horrifying ordeal.

The persona comes across as being extremely brave when she is forced to witness the death of someone she knows and cares for; You would not look. There is repetition of Remember, which is also capitalised, this is the personal plea from the Jewish victim who is telling us of her ordeal, she wants nobody to forget the people involved or what happened, and also reinforces the significance of this event. This is reinforced with stanza four, line twelve; How would you prepare to die, as the writer is continues to employ the role of the dead Jewish woman. She adopts the persona of a female Jew speaking out from beyond the grave about her terrifying ordeal before she died in the Holocaust. Carol, ann, duffy goes on to list six traditional Jewish names; - - Rebecca Rachel Ruth/Aaron Emmanuel David, stars on all our brows -, the list of names isnt punctuated, which give us the idea of them losing their individuality. The closing lines of the poem Turn thee/unto me with mercy for I am desolate and lost is a reworking of verse six-teen Psalm twenty five which is a prayer from King David to God in which David places his absolute trust in God. Stars are like humans, each is different on its own but together they are one and the same, a general classification. The most prevalent way the writer introduces shooting stars carol ann duffy essay the theme is conveyed through imagery and as an illustration; stanza five, line eighteen: a boy washes his uniform. But the worst part, is that there was a young child standing in the middle of all the dead victims. The fact that the soldiers shot her in the eye implies that they actually took the time to stop and aim at him/her before shooting. The extreme of the soldiers inhumane acts heightens, when in stanza two we learn just how brutally they treated their victims.

shooting stars carol ann duffy essay

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Duffy creates an incredibly strong image of shooting stars carol ann duffy essay silence and death when the voice has been stilled permanently. Yet despite this she reveals the courage with which these woman faced death upright as statues, individuals who looked straight ahead waiting for death with calmness. The poet is an address from woman to woman for men are seen to be the inflictors f the inhumane actions that are the centre of the poem and perhaps she sees the possibility of salvation through women. Duffys verse is extremely powerful and we wonder why the world does not listen to the lessons of the past for today in the 21st century we constantly read and see of human suffering on a similar. These people were killed for having a different faith, but also tortured.

Duffy s Jewish persona speaks out from beyond the grave on behalf of all the Jewish victims, and reminds us of the extreme horror of their ordeal through her shooting stars carol ann duffy essay use of imagery and word choice, and urges us to remember. Stars ' represent the Jewish symbol, The Star of David. This poem recounts the horrific ordeal of a dead Jewish woman who was a witness of the crimes of the Holocaust. this is her telling us how the other Jews bravely met similar fates and forces the reader to question themselves Would I be that brave knowing I was about to die? The victims were also beneath the gaze of men with guns; they were made to feel inferior to the soldiers. The world turns in its sleep as we forget about the terrifying events which happened. Her final lines echo the words of the 25th Psalm; - - Turn thee onto mercy, for I am desolate and lost - This is a reference to the Bibles 25th Psalm and is known as an allusion. The writers uses the word. Duffy then uses the literary technique, enjambment to combine the first and second stanzas.

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The form reinforces to shooting stars carol ann duffy essay the reader that the Jews where heroines. Do Not Waste, your Time, hIRE writer, only.90 / page. Jewish people were forced to wear them on their clothes to mark them out as targets of abuse and torment for show more content, the word 'gaze' shows that these men are detached from their emotions as they. The theme of tragedy is further enhanced through the device of form as the poem is written in the form of a dramatic monologue. Even though the people did not fight their courage still shines through. Duffy could also be referring.

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Enjambment is once again used to link stanzas two and three. A trick The soldiers have completely degraded the shooting stars carol ann duffy essay Jewish woman right down to the untermenschen (Sub-human) status because of their inhume acts of torture. She also juxtaposes everyday events with this to reinforce it, after the immense suffering someone takes tea on the lawn; the formal nature of tea on the lawn is calm compared to the ugliness that is war. This illustrates to us how sad and horrific her story is, and that shell never let us forget the atrocities that occurred. In the closing section of the poem the poets description of the suffering of the Jews in Europe between 19 is made even more dreadful when. After I no longer speak they break our fingers/ to salvage my wedding ring - This illustrates the sheer lack of compassion and care the soldiers had towards the Jewish people. Therefore, duffy s use of enjambment outlines the ignorance toward the Jews during the Holocaust. After immense suffering someone takes tea on the lawn/After the terrible moans a boy washes his uniform/After the History lesson children run to their toys the world/turns in its sleep the spades shovel soil. Carol Ann Duffy urges us to remember the Jewish victims and the atrocities they faced during the Holocaust. The ignorance of the people is highlighted further in the line; - - How would you prepare to die on a perfect April evening with young men gossiping and smoking by the graves? You waited for the bullet, this you is in reference to those waiting to die, but also to draw the reader into the situation to show the reality of what was happening.

Pretending to shoot someone is sick and twisted as they only did this to provoke a reaction, until I heard the click. In the closing stanzas of the poem. Shooting, stars is a horrific and moving poem written. Ann, duffy convincingly shows this through theme, imagery, word choice and structure. Although it could be argued that the writer chose this title because when a Nazi soldier shot a Jew in head, the bullet would leave a star shaped wound. The overall wickedness of the soldiers is brought to our attention further when the Jewish woman witnesss the death of a young child; Between the gaps of corpses I could see a child/the soldiers laughed/they shot her. If we use letter inversion for the words ragged and gape they become gagged rape, which portrays another reason the soldier was loosening his belt. Her friend is shot down and killed by the soldiers.

Loosened / his belt." This technique is used. The poem is set in 1940, Hitler and his Nazi party had taken control of most of Europe and had vowed to exterminate the shooting stars carol ann duffy essay entire Jewish race. In the fourth stanza, we are told more about the disrespect the soldiers show towards the dead victims young men gossiping and smoking by the graves; they seem carefree, as if these acts were nothing. April is a symbol of new life, however for the victims of the Holocaust their lives are being ended as opposed to just beginning. She urges the reader to remember what the Jewish victims were forced to go through, and begs us not to turn our back and forget. Shooting, stars by, carol, ann, duffy specifically for you for only.38.90/page, order now, as she speaks her story from deep down in her heart, she makes the reader aware of the pain and suffering her. However it is not until we reach the actual content of the poem that we realise that the stars in question are those, stars of David, sewn on o the garments of Jews on the order of the Nazi regime. Shooting Stars is a poem about beautiful and unique lives being destroyed, but it doesnt tell the tales of the glory and winning of war. The general connotations applied to this phrase are that of a falling star or perhaps the beauty and brightness of fireworks. Shooting, stars creates a sense of ambiguity. The horror is continued in the image created by they break our fingers and there is in this the onomatopoeia of the sound of snapping bones as Wedding rings are salvaged for profit. Perhaps this more than anything, this trick of pretending to shoot but using an empty bullet chamber, the toying with the lives of those already suffering is the most dreadful of all.

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Duffy once again highlights the immensity of the horror of those events by contrasting them with the civilised activities of the human being. The soldiers were very intimidating and this was a typical scene which took place in the concentration camps. Thus Duffy has successfully drawn the reader in by her lexical word choice to illustrate the defencelessness the Jews had over the Nazi soldiers. It not only reminds the reader that this woman held onto her faith, but it also asks us to forgive our enemies and asks us not to feel ashamed for the things we do wrong throughout life. Stars on their brows which represented the targets that the men saw on the victims forehead.

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These sadistic men also carry on with their cruel torture. Shooting, stars, by, carol, ann, duffy is a poem that explores the theme of tragedy through the writers creation of haunting imagery and tells a story, like no other. Unfortunately for the narrator, she was found one saw I was alive, which creates a sense of fear, as this was not good for either the soldiers or the woman. 1122 Words Sep 5th, 2010 5 Pages. Another means of conveying the idea of tragedy is Duffy s word choice in stanza two, line 6; You waited for the bullet. Duffys use of an ambiguous title, together with her imagery effectively explores this theme of human suffering.

This tells us that the people who fell victim to this were both emotionally and mentally strong. She does this through the use of repetition of the word Remember in stanza two; - I say, Remember. Duffy s use of repetition in stanza five makes clear the ignorance of the world and highlights how simple and easy it is for people to continue on with their lives when there is all these horrors and atrocities happening in the world. / You waited for the bullet" the woman is looking out for her friend as they are waiting to be killed. We know that she has not long been killed since Rigor Mortis has set in, which is the stiffening of the muscles, and the only shooting stars carol ann duffy essay way that they could get the jewellery off was by breaking the womans. This appears to be a plea, to not be forgotten even though the barrier, which is life, separates them. Additionally, the word, washes, gives the image of the soldiers erasing the memories of the disgraceful crimes they did to innocent people.

Duffy personalises the horror of the holocaust. The Jewish woman speaks out further on behalf of the other Jewish victims in the line; - Mourn for the daughters, upright as statues brave. She uses ellipsis once more, only this shooting stars carol ann duffy essay time the soil of time is shovelled over Sara Ezra. Duffy shows how the women are stood firm and even in the most humiliating, de-humanised state. Not one I would wish on anybody. The words Break and salvage Shows us how the soldiers violently removed an item of value from the dead without a care. Duffy urges us to Remember and her haunting words from beyond the grave will never be forgotten. The writer conveys the theme of tragedy in a powerful way through the title. The title, shooting, stars has an ambiguous meaning, Shooting gives us the setting of the poem, which is indeed the Second World War. As a result of this. She gives the word 'Remember' a capital letter to emphasize the fact that we should not forget what happened there. Shooting, stars, the poem shooting, stars '.