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Complementary and alternative medicine research paper

complementary and alternative medicine research paper

A total of 1486 justifications concerning CAM use were extracted across all papers. This high volume of use and satisfaction with CAM reported by patients is a direct challenge to a conventional system that can only sanction such use if it results from complementary and alternative medicine research paper the application of biomedical concepts and science. Oxford: Berg Publishers; 2011. Use of complementary and alternative medicine for temporomandibular disorders. Rao JK, Arick R, Mihaliak K, Weinberger. PLoS ONE 13(7 e0200879. Hong Kong Nurs. Systematic searches were conducted across six electronic databases (embase, medline, cinahl, assia, amed and Web of Science) from inception to July 2011.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Research Papers

Studies of post-operative pain, trauma-related conditions. The literature searches and synthesis were supported by a Strategic Award from Arthritis Research. Cost of treatment was frequently cited both as a reason to use or continue use of CAM, often when CAM was a cheaper alternative to orthodox care or covered by insurance or an employer. Brown M, Dean S, Hay-Smith EJC, Taylor W, Baxter. Corner J, Yardley J, Maher EJ,. They are now the commonest of long-term pain conditions in people with other chronic diseases including cancer survivors. The other mention of time was lack of time 28, proffered as a barrier or reason to discontinue CAM use. Ann Intern Med 2007;146:86877. Reasons for and characteristics associated with complementary and alternative medicine use among adult cancer patients: a systematic review. Pioro Boisset M, Esdaile JM, Fitzcharles.

Complementary and alternative medicine: what the public want and

Use of complementary therapies for arthritis among patients of rheumatologists. Patients visiting the complementary medicine clinic for pain: A cross sectional study. Garrow JS, Glenn S, Wilson P, Kleijnen J, Walton J, Colquhoun. The role of attitudes and beliefs in differential health care utilisation among Chinese in Singapore. Investigating placebo effects in irritable bowel syndrome: a novel research design. Both Western and Eastern forms of medical care can complement each other nicely, one supplying the patient with treatments the other may be lacking. Blinded to other details of the study, justifications were coded using a five step approach to identify and categorise the reasons for CAM use or non-use: Step 1 : Linguistically identical/similar : justifications which were identically phrased or were identical. The searches were rerun in February 2017 (see Update and assessment of robustness section below). Abstract, background, complementary and alternative medicine research paper complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is very popular with patients frequently combining it with orthodox health care. For example, those coded A36 (see above) along with similar justifications coded in Step 1 including conventional treatment too expensive ID961, cost ID372, low cost compared to medical services ID710 and " stopped going to physical therapy because. Themes of holism, empowerment, access, and legitimacy define complementary, alternative and integrative medicine in relation to conventional biomedicine. The patients view: doing medical history from below.

You cant go to your GP for this 65, Some participants chose HPs health professionals on the basis of the perceived type of pain. There were approximately twice as many quantitative as qualitative studies in population- and community-based or CAM settings, and studies set in orthodox health care were predominantly quantitative (50 vs 10, see Table 1 ). 18 years old) and one on older people ( 65 years) complementary and alternative medicine research paper but most studies included adults (age 1864 years) with children and/or older adults ( n 137 five studies did not include the age of their participants. There was also recognition that allopathic physicians dont have all the answers. Rationale and barriers to CAM use were equally in evidence in this category, stressing that this is to do with practical aspects of choice. Reactions to orthodox medicine as a driver for CAM use were also identified in this category, and were primarily associated with limiting or avoiding orthodox interventions, for example, to avoid long term drug taking 24, the desire for symptomatic relief. University of Lancaster; 2006. I wanted to do something 79, I believe that complementary therapy enables me to take a more active part in maintaining my health 74 and psychologically, I feel as though I am actually doing something. Sixty percent of patients with rheumatoid arthritis in Japan have used dietary supplements or health foods. Why do patients seek treatment in hospitals of complementary medicine?

In contrast, reference to satisfaction with CAM was given as a motivating factor. On occasion CAM use was also driven by negative perceptions of orthodox medicine, complementary and alternative medicine research paper predominantly a lack of trust in medical treatment. Between two worlds: the use of traditional and Western health services by Chinese immigrants. For example, expensive drugs ID36, prescription drugs too expensive ID49 and affordable alternative to expensive prescription drugs ID480 were all coded as A36. Thomas KJ, Coleman.

Research into complementary and alternative medicine: problems

Musculoskeletal conditions typify common problems for which the effectiveness of orthodox care is often unclear. Haslam D, Styles B, Neighbour. Thanks for your help! Data Availability: All relevant data are within the paper and its Supporting Information files. Intervention studies were only included if participants were able to choose whether they were allocated to CAM therapy or not and their reasons for choice reported. Contemp Clin Trials 2006;27:12334 PubMed Google Scholar.

Mitzdorf U, Beck K, Horton-Hausknecht J, Weidenhammer W, Kindermann A, Takacs M,. Patients and Healers in the Context of Culture : An Exploration of the Borderland Between Anthropology, Medicine, and Psychiatry. This encompassed the physical environment of CAM, or orthodox treatments, the therapeutic encounter and the nature and underlying philosophies of CAM. Utilization of services of homeopathic practitioners among patients in Karachi, Pakistan. There was frequent mention of CAM providing additional benefit, usually in relation to concurrent orthodox treatment.