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Political correctness synthesis essay

political correctness synthesis essay

They should be used instead. It is the duty of the university to teach us how to live in the real world. It is traditions that define a school; its student body and its heritage. Ask our professional writer! In the past, there were lots of words and actions that offended some particular groups of people, so now we have changed the words and actions to make them be more polite and correct, and this is political correctness. Related Essays, the Political Balance of Power, the most critical and obvious feature of international affairs is its state of anarchy. If either of these happened, then there would be cause for worries. Dictionary of Cautionary Words and Phrases in which more than 230 different words and idiomatic expressions were characterized as being offensive and biased. In an essay written by Michiko Kakutani entitled The Word Police, she examines the idea of political correctness and questions society for taking a good idea and making a mockery. In this chapter, I will provide answers to these questions and furthermore examine to what extent political correctness may cause language change. Their concern was that the event too closely resembled past lynching of African Americans in the American south. As Matt Hutaff questions from a fictitious point of view of Tommy: Im impossibly flexed in every musclea warrior, andmale.

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Process of Political Correctness - Language Change from above 3). Ignoring them will not make them go away. Political Correctness, the political correctness synthesis essay term "Political Correct" has been in the nation's vocabulary for only a short period of time but has changed the way that we view life and communicate with one another. Gwen Thomas, a community college administrator, says in Clarks book that we have to teach students how to deal with adversarial situations and how to survive offensive speech they find wounding and hurtful. Its love for the things that brought the university to where it is today. (218) Some months later, president David Gardner carried out reforms regarding the use of speech at the University of California. A long time ago in Canada, white people thought that other races of people were dangerous and stupid, so they refused to rent a house to them or they did not let them get a job, but. The notion of euphemism is tightly connected to the notion of taboo. To demonstrate the great extent of rapid change in sexist language, Curzan analyzed revisions of the style manuals of two major academic associations: the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Modern Language Association (MLA). For the defense of PC, however, the argument that the offensive language is distracting does have value. This is a teddy bear in question. The APA Board set up policies and guidelines as to avoid sexist language. How can a concept which no one really admits to actually prescribing achieve such a self-efficacy?

Hughes considers euphemisms to be partially a linguistic aspect of 'political correctness' (18). The answer is they cannot, and the sheltered individuals are left unprepared to confront real world situations that will offend them. As an alternative, supporters advise, the generic she or the singular? Several years later, a decrease in the use of the generic he could be observed and as studies claim, the preferred singular they can now be found in the majority of spoken language. In 1989 the Multicultural Management Program (MMA) released the.

political correctness synthesis essay

Political, correctness : Free Evaluation

I am also worried as to where this campaign will end. As Hutaff worries, what will we have to rally around, and to have pride in? It bothers me that my government could do such a thing. Should I protest a march or similar event? To back up this claim with scientific arguments, female linguists provided several empirical studies.

Words with negative semantics, are replaced by euphemisms. The most noticeable example of harm is how PC proponents try to please everyone at the same time. As Deborah Cameron explains, the phrase has undergone 'discursive drift' (ibid. These words now have changed to chairperson, fire worker, and post deliverer. Example: Everyone wants to be happy in his life. This real-life example serves to present the effect of politically correct language on society and language, especially at the university campuses. Today it is considered good manners to refer to someone as a facility manager instead of cleaner, to say administrative assistant instead of secretary, or to use the term stylist instead of hairdresser and. As I already stated earlier, the nonsexist language reform started with the second wave feminist social movement; after that numerous applications reached academic institutions striving for unbiased, gender-neutral language. In public, the offenders can be identified. An interesting fact is how the burning does not lead to violent actions against any real bears. Ill probably be melted downLumpy theyll call me, the mascot of bland, unassuming and uninteresting icons that stir no emotionin anyone. How are they going to protect us from what we do not want to hear out there? One lesson is that our country is not perfect, and it makes mistakes.

Many students did not agree with those speech restrictions because it was limited by college administrators in rather subjective ways. This is the backlash to political correctness. This brings up the fact that the burning of the bruin has only a vague resemblance to past hate crimes in the south. Through the publication of bestseller books with attention grabbing names such as, 'Retaking America: political correctness synthesis essay Crushing Political Correctness' and 'The Language Police' and numerous TV programs, newspaper articles and documentaries criticizing the language reform, the term 'political correctness' soon reached the general public (Cameron 128). The University of Southern California: The Teddy Bear Massacre, like so many other traditions, the burning of the bruin was put on the chopping block recently. Because there have been racist or sexist or homophobic taunts, anonymous notes graffiti, the administration feels it must do something. When these people are allowed to express their thoughts and opinions in public, the rest of the world is able to watch what they are doing. The term 'political correctness' itself is difficult to define. When forced to hide these ideas, the offenders will still express them in secret.

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Furthermore, I will examine how language is changed through PC and through which mechanisms prescriptive speech codes emerge and can spread nationwide. Although political correctness was founded with good intent, it does more harm than good. When reporting about current events, numerous authors of sociopolitical articles resort to various methods to obfuscate truth and reality by replacing offensive lexis with a neutral one, using euphemisms. Nothing is sacred, and anything can come under scrutiny. When something offends us, we need to ask ourselves if it is offensive to anyone else. By the 1980s, being politically correct could be equated with abiding to certain speech-codes that were established in the professional societies guidelines for bias-free language and on plenty university campuses. Of course, if it had remained limited solely to the domain of the academia, the debate on political correctness would have never been able to achieve such prominent, and ambiguous response nationwide and later internationally. If the burning was intentionally created to represent or oppress the offended students, the event would have been banned long ago. Daily Trojan: Sep 11, 1997:. Taboo usually can be defined as a prohibition on certain activities, words that emerged in the ancient world and were connected to mythological imaginations of the human being. This is often related to areas which can be considered taboo, such as death and bodily functions.

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In the second half of the 20th century, one of such rises occurred when the theory of 'political correctness' achieved a wider distribution in the USA. This raises the question of whether it is appropriate to censor ideas that are not created to offend certain groups. The phrase 'politically correct as the broader public assumes, has not emerged until approximately 50 years ago, however, it once appears in.S. For example, all occupations that ended with the suffix - man, such as policeman, fireman or chairman were changed to more neutral terms, such as police officer, fire fighter and chairperson. Moreover, advocates of politically correct language point out that, as opposed to critical views, euphemisms are not supposed to conceal unpleasant reality, but to help remove the stigma of negative stereotypes (ibid.).

From this moment on, more and more academic publications were written in unbiased and equitable language which again influenced the people reading those publications suggesting certain standards political correctness synthesis essay in formal and spoken usage (ibid. The thesis of my paper is that prescriptions of politically correct language cause language change and may lead to an increasing equivocalness of language by incorporating euphemisms. These Indians, as they were called, were my ancestors. This form of critique is believed to have originated in Feminist Linguistics. It very closely resembles my ancestors plight, but it is not about repression of Native Americans. Often, those speech codes changed every time the old administrators were replaced by new ones (ibid. In Canada, because there are lots of people from different countries who have different cultures, there are lots of politically correct words and actions, and consequently there are some backlashes.

It seems that the lesson that one cannot please everyone all the time still needs to be learned. By and by, this prescription was accepted by almost all academic institutions. The long running University of Southern California spirit activity consisted of throwing a large stuffed bear in a bon fire the night before the football game against their rival, the University of California at Los Angeles. As a matter of principle, politically correct language aims to replace terms with negative connotation with alternative terms that either suppress the rejected aspects political correctness synthesis essay of the old term, increasingly emphasize the positive aspects or do not evoke any form of negative association at all. Despite above explanation, the term 'euphemism' obtains a prevailing pejorative reputation due to large criticism in popular culture. 3.1) Euphemisms - Origins and Use In our constantly changing world the main source of mass information is television alongside with print media. Euphemisms - Origins and Use.2). To back up this argument, I will introduce the model of the so called euphemism treadmill created by linguist Steven Pinker. It seems that history repeats itself.

Political, correctness, essay - 899 Words Cram

Are terms that refer, to a social idea that is characterized by efforts to redress, mainly by the use of language, real or supposed discrimination on the basis of race, sex, religion, nationality, disability or any other criteria that could. A strict speech code on most high school campuses was created. We cannot have everything manipulated to please each. At most colleges, it is the administration that set up political correctness synthesis essay the code. Even though the sentence is making a general statement about basic human nature, ' his' is the generic masculine form. Political and Social Effects that Shaped the 60s Generation. This government even went as far as to try to control thought. Eventually the sheltered must face them. Researchers of this phenomenon claim that the process of its formation either maintained in a state of rise or decline depending on the varying moral principles and beliefs that existed throughout different time periods. Its performance today is just as bad. Works Cited, clark, Irene.

Even though the term 'political correctness' does indeed show some early appearances in language use, in fact, it was rarely used until the 1960s. These new words have since found wide acceptance (ibid.). The literary historian Ruth Perry claims that during that time period it may have been adapted by the American New Left from former Soviet and Chinese ideological speak in which the term indicated whether the members followed the. It is assumed by many that the deliberately obfuscatory jargon (of euphemisms is) intended to befuddle the hearer. Clark 369 Proponents of political correctness, or PC, had good intentions in devising the idea, but it has serious flaws. Another lesson that needs to be learned is to meet offensive language head on instead of hiding from.

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Nowadays, political correctness generally describes behavior, especially verbal behavior, rather than a political attitude (Allan and Burridge 94). There is no way to change that. The idea being that everyone could find something that they could identify with and rally around their school. If a school hides these things from its students, they will be unprepared to confront them. Supreme Court decision in 1793, within the context of the case '. Kakutani points out many obscured changes that have occurred since the word police have begun enforcing changes to the terms we use. Moreover, terms for specific ethnic groups were replaced by new, politically correct terms: African-American for, black, Native American for, indian, Inuit for, eskimo for example. However, the problem with this argument is there are many things in life that are distracting.

First, in the political correctness synthesis essay past, men had more power than women. These words now have changed to African American, First Nations, and French Canadians. We also need to learn to face our fears, and learn to deal with acts and language that we do not like. Political correctness, the underlying ideal, is the particular set of attitudes about the world that its proponents maintain should be actively promoted. Thus, many articles were written and published prescribing the further usage of generic. According to scholars, the term 'euphemism' descends from the Greek euphemismos (eu - good, phemi - I speak) (Merriam Webster). Additionally, Avoid use or adjectives like unacceptable (ibid.) provide a concrete evaluation to what extent that particular word should be avoided. Later on, disabled again was replaced by a new word, namely physically challenged (ibid.) Additionally, linguistic terms to refer to historically male-dominated professions were likewise renamed as to be gender-neutral and less biased. Scholars claim that the 'politically correct' terminology is largely concerned with the lexical- semantic level (Hellinger 566-567). They had better jobs and were better educated, so we had lots of words that were offensive to women, for example, chairman, fireman, and mailman, etc. The best thing to do now is for the PC proponents to step out of their situation and see that respect goes both ways. Political Correctness causes Equivocalness in Language.3). 373 Unfortunately, there are bad things in the world.