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74 Without doubt, the most important such work is the Hebrew Bible ( Tanakh ). 2 Their culture has traits shared with the Yi or Nuosu (Lolo) culture. "Full text of "Modern Traditions - Contemporary…

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At the almost-joint appearance before the.N.C. Even when describing excessive gore, pacing can even out the scene. A lack of confidence in your writing or ability can make your work either too descriptive or overly-detached…

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There is no greater pleasure than seeing your loved ones prosper. How else do you explain the fact that I was a f*king heroin addict when I was 17? Killed or dead because…

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The romance along with the evil involved made it a well-written fable. All three girls are wearing nothing but swim attire; of course, they attract a lot of attention in the…

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(Greville Fennell) See: Fennell,. And first of all it is to be observed how slight and faint a heat changes and somewhat warms even those bodies which are least of all susceptible…..
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Ethanol essays or term papers

ethanol essays or term papers

Choose Our Professionals to Complete Your Writing Tasks! Glasshouses may be a source of ethanol essays or term papers 'out of season' capsules. Before you get started check that you can get the reagents. My thanks to Chemistry colleague at Our Lady's College, Annerley, Brisbane, Kayleen Solomon and Yr 12 student Jamie for providing ideas and photos for this EEI suggestion. Click Project 2-1 for Prof. Just check your nitrate level stays low and the nitrite stays zero. What happens when Daphnia are exposed to caffeine may or may not have similarities to what happens when humans drink coffee. That suggests an interesting EEI: could you find out when you can hope to stop weeding your vegetables? Is the invasive supressed or facilitated by the presence of the native (using continuous water/high nutrient)? There are also various mushroom-producing coprophilous species. All hypotheses were supported; as salinity increased past 0ppt, harvest dropped 0-100.

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Grandis will inhibit the growth of E sativa; thus soil samples taken from the base of E grandis will contain the highest amounts of allelochemicals. Analysis of territorial behaviour in birds,.g. Journal of Food Science, V48(4) p1097-1100. It won't decay and pollute the water as quickly as the fish pellets and it is easy to see. Either ripe bananas or ethanol essays or term papers hormone Determine what effect if any, the amount of stored food has on the growth of potato buds (eyes cane billets/ Comparison between vegetative propagation of plants and germination of seeds Investigate the various methods of seed distribution.

Perhaps you could centrifuge the macerate, or filter it, so that you have a clear solution to start with. Choose one or two (at the most) variables to manipulate and control the rest. Click photo to see an enlargement so you can read MBC's thermometer. Correlational studies involving plants The following suggestions involve hypothesis-testing research questions not involving artificial manipulation of variables (relying more on natural variation of variables). Counting the numbers of boy and girl flies. Quandamooka man, Matt Burns, who was born and raised at Dunwich on the eastern side of the island said that Minjerribah hunters used the crushed leaves as a fish poison. Instructions (method) for students can be downloaded here. You can think that nature has manipulated the variables but it is still appropriate to class one as dependent and one as independent. Click Project 4-18 for Prof.

They conducted a pair-wise glasshouse experiment, where they manipulated both biotic factors (timing of establishment, neighbour identity and density) and abiotic factors (nutrients and timing of water supply). Seeds mature and drop from the plant by about the middle of summer. How are you going to quantify the magnitude of the movement? The task we developed at MBC involved the competition between the natives Microlaena stipoides, (weeping grass) or Elymus scaber, (wheat grass) and/or invasive ( Eragrostis curvula, african 'lovegrass' grasses to better understand the biotic and abiotic conditions for survival/competition. Click the image to see a close up. Severe weed infestation can lead to total crop failure. How do you measure a student's core temperature? Lactic acid and the fermentation of milk Lactic acid forms in milk due to the action of fungi and bacteria acting on the lactose sugar. Does this sound like a fun context for a biology experiment?

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She said: The students did a study of the local weeds and noted lantana was very prevalent. You may have to read up on pH, strong acids and dilutions. Note again: this second type of EEI does not involve manipulating variables (unlike the first suggestion instead it relies on natural variation. A good EEI may be to look at the effect of drink acids on teeth. There is also the problem of the validity and robustness of the data collection (particularly if it is subjective). Will it continue in complete darkness? The manipulated variable is the quality of protein used as food for the flies.

How is access ethanol essays or term papers to food controlled - if at all? Roundup and other chemicals may seem like the best weapon in the arsenal against weeds. Seasol Liquid seaweed extract. 1, pages 4149, February 1992. Click Project 3-1 for Prof. So here is the starting point if you are doing an EEI. Murky green is better than crystal clear.

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Use of Animals note at the end. Since algae are tiny and are difficult to work with directly in the water, the first part of the practical involves 'immobilising' the algae as algal balls. Den anførte firmaadresse er udelukkende kontor- og returadresse. Skulle et produkt med rød prik vise sig at være umuligt at skaffe, gives der besked om det. To do this successfully I will need to alter the surface area of the beetroot cells accurately and then measure if any and how much dye is let out. She says that "all of these experiments have worked well for us in the past". Only a little is known about this issue in Australia and could form the basis of an EEI. If you break the skin of a mistletoe berry, you see a liquid, transparent viscous liquid and a milky-white little ball of firm pulp in which there is one single seed.

ethanol essays or term papers

Detergents and ethanol essays or term papers 70 alcohol have some microbiocidal effect but are not sporicidal and dry out skin surfaces. Can't help with the concept of long term feed as our school farm (Noosa District SHS) has someone present through all holidays. The copper in the bowl assists in creating a tighter bond in reactive sulfur items such as egg whites. See "Allergy to honey: relation to pollen and honey bee allergy". It would be interesting to include two animals with a contrasting alimentary canal.g. Copper sulfate solutions are blue - but only at higher concentrations such as the 500 ppm of Cu2 ions shown here. On the plus side, they are fairly easy to keep, easy to study, and inexpensive.

Essay about Investigation of Combustion of Alcohols - 1162

Oxalis (sour sob) does this, but the published work is on American species and it would be of interest to know how the local weed species ( Oxalis pes caprae ) behaves before designing eradication programmes. Perhaps you could look at psychomotor performance and physical endurance as above. One of the major benefits of using algae to produce ethanol is that algae can be harvested day after day, unlike competing sources, such as corn and soybeans. The MBC microbiology laboratory protocols can be downloaded here. You may like to find out what chemicals are in coal seam gas water and investigate their effect on the growth of plants (but ethanol essays or term papers don't even consider the btex carnicogens benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylene). It is sold under the brand-names of Zero and Roundup. We have previously trialled a "ginger beer plant" culture in our laboratory from the UK - that was several years ago - but without much success and the flavour was not any better than on the baker's yeast that we use now. Does temperature have much effect on the rate? "Human subject" experiments for EEIs pose many problems, particularly safety concerns. Daphnia heart rate experiment Some students have proposed that for their EEI they will investigate the effect of a variable such as caffeine, glucose or Red Bull on their own heart rate or blood-glucose (or that of a fellow student). Are they mesh bags strung vertically from the surface or do we just put them out in the tanks as places to hide? A good (but difficult) EEI would to make ethanol by the fermentation of algae as it can be done at home or in the lab.

Investigate with the Proscope. Even normal conditions of weediness cause very significant losses to the farmer, perhaps 50 or more of their yield. But, what process is operating here? Can a given twining plant climb around supports of different sizes? Click Project 4-16 for Prof. As the mouse navigates the maze again and again, there are many physical changes that are occurring inside its brain that allow it to learn the correct route." Note: very strict rules apply to the use of animals in schools in Queensland. A good EEI might be to grow nematode-trapping fungi and see them catch the nematodes? It is the job of the body's organ systems to maintain it, even as they make necessary exchanges with the environment. The image below shows the wavelengths of light most transmitted (passed) by each type of cellophane; this is called their "Tmax" (lambda T max that is, the wavelength most transmitted. Species of Coelomycetes and some Moniliales were the important initial elements of the mycoflora in the litter, but species of Penicillium and Mucorales succeeded them on leaves in advanced stages of decomposition. How long ethanol essays or term papers will you wait for things to germinate? There are also further complicating factors such as if the solution is isotonic/hypertonic/hypotonic as this will change the type of graph they are reporting.

Simple distillation lab report

If the blue colour lightens or disappears, this indicates starch is breaking down. Hatchlings first feed on plankton. No single disinfectant is ideal. However, many experts discourage the use of chemicals. Competition between weeds and desirable plants Everyone hates weeding the garden. Volatile substances are also known to be effective. The time and location of most active cell division in root tips. Scientific analysis has shown that the beneficial effects are unlikely to be from the mineral nutrients in the extracts but possibly come from hormones or other organic substances included in the extract. In this EEI you might like to compare: water, uncaffeinated sugar-sweetened soft drink (eg uncaffeinated Coke unsweetened caffeinated soft drink ( Diet Coke or Coke Zero. It is also broadly related to wastewater treatment and maintenance of fish aquariums. To dance or to run?

The experiments used frog embryos that were incubated with 1:5000 dilutions of a commercial glyphosate solution. Look up these groups so you can recognize them in the bush. Pathogenicity analysis of Colletotrichium species isolates from strawberries and alternative hosts. The abundance of flowering plants of a particular species might influence the animal's behaviour. Gamba grass roadside infestation on Rum Jungle Lake road Northern Territory. With lemon, just as bad as orange. Photo courtesy of Mitch Oxley. The possible application of allelopathy in agriculture is the subject of much research.

Chemicals in the fruits of mistletoes may manipulate the passage rates of the seeds through the digestive systems of these birds and, in so doing, manipulate the probability that seeds are defecated on host trees that are genetically similar. Are cell membranes damaged by washing powder? The centrifuge tubes are usually graduated. Ionic copper (40g/L copper sulfate). Some people like to use more 'natural' substrates like autoclaved oyster shells etc. Then you could do serial dilutions of this solution. The honey that they produce will therefore contain some of these pollen. One of the scientists involved in the DPI project - Wendy Ensbey - is now a Biology teacher at Noosa District High School (Queensland). Are you going to expose slides only on the windward side of the tree or on all sides. Walnut trees produce a compund called Juglone, which stops other plants growing. Within each hair strand the keratin chains are also linked with hydrogen bonds between the oxygen atoms on the CO groups and the H atoms on either the OH or NH groups. You could also compare growth in the complete medium compared with growth in distilled water, or water with 20 sucrose. If you count spore numbers how will you back calculate to the volume ethanol essays or term papers of river water originally sampled?

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. Simple arrangement of samples that will not minimize nuisance factors. A test of the survival of mealworms reared in the laboratory solely on a Styrofoam diet in comparison with those reared on the conventional diet of bran. For example: Click this link to see their Year 12 EEI Report Guidelines. The research questions the students asked were: biotic factors. To minimise these, I made them have a medical with their GP and then provide a medical certificate of this. Some interesting background on feed requirements is provided by the Chicken Meat Federation of Australia. Doing this every ethanol essays or term papers couple of hours gives you a record like that in the diagram of the plant's movement. If diffusion rates increase in response to temperature, should food be consumed directly after exercise? I would suggest that a number of dilutions of the alleopathic solution be made to see if there is a correlation between concentration and percent germination. You'll need to think about a controlled sample without potting mix but with the added base. That is, call the stoma/temperature data Part I, and call the stoma/humidity data Part. The succession of fungi associated with the decomposing leaf litter of Eucalyptus regnans was studied by the csiro in order to relate the degree of decomposition of the leaves to the mycofloral population.

Senior Biology - 'Deadly' Extended Experimental Investigations

It invades non-grazed parcels of land such as conservation areas, semi-urban residential land and mining leases and can replace native grasses thereby reducing natural biodiversity on non-grazed land. A, materials Requisition Form accompanies this document. Inter-specific interaction between clover and grass; addition of fertilizer. For an EEI you could investigate just what range of flowers a particular beetle visits and consequently the range of pollen it carries. Answer is unimportant keeping the sexes separate because all individuals fight. PlaeKisten sælger såvel nye som brugte produkter. The problem is: you need to control the type of acid, whether it is phosphoric acid as found in cola drinks, or citric acid as found in lemonade. What causes muscle fatigue?

What is the maximum temperature a cell can sustain before lysis occurs? It is fantastic and could make a terrific EEI." Under the hard outer shell of a chicken egg is a semipermeable membrane that allows air and moisture to pass through. A ball of wet crushed soap tree leaves prepared by Quandamooka hunter Matt Burns, The problem seems to be that research so far has found that exposure to saponins initially causes hyperactivity but within 5 minutes all activity ceases and fish suddenly die. This suggests a terrific EEI: to look at the reaction rates of glucose, fructose and sucrose. So investigating the fermentation of sucrose is really also about studying the fermentation of a mixture of glucose and fructose. You can then do serial dilutions (1:10) to reduce this to 100, 10, 1,.1 ppm Cu2, and from there you can make the solutions you want.

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Plants like legumes or tomatoes which flower on side branches are suitable to use, but you might also like to include something like sunflower in which the top growing point is "used up" in producing the inflorescence. Competition between Introduced and Native species This is a fascinating EEI developed by my colleague Adam Delroy at Moreton Bay College ethanol essays or term papers for a Year 10 Technology and Applied Science (stem) course but equally suitable for a Year 11 Biology project. You can download her tasksheet here: Size Shape Diffusion Rate jelly prac. Although weeds are very successful in your garden, for experimental purposes it is better to grow them in pots or seed trays so you can control the experimental conditions more easily. Hint: select species for which you can obtain large number of seeds so that you can have a good experimental design. How will you figure out from which plants your decaying messy leaves came? A good EEI would be to brew your own at home or in the lab using one of the many recipes available on the internet ( but do NOT drink it ; not for an EEI). Just seal a slice of bread in a plastic bag with a few drops of water and wait a few days. My thanks to Jamie at Our Lady's College for sharing her Yr 12 Biology EEI photos. Are you going to work in a garden situation or a native stand of eucalypts? A practical example of this is the use of copper bowls to stabilize egg foams.

(Codi Baker-Lahey, ) 4) In deeper water, data was collected by diving down below the surface and recording with a plastic slate and pencil. Click Project 4-2 for Prof. She sees it as the basis for a good EEI. (varying the concentration of one solution tends to be better as then they have continuous data)." Egg ethanol essays or term papers Membrane osmosis - everyone's favourite Here's a terrific EEI suggested by Kim Murray, Biology Teacher, Tannum Sands State High School. Parsonsia eucalyptaphylla flower beetles Just how "pure" is pure? In these test tubes, algae has grown faster in the left-hand tube than in the right. Since then the control of growth by antimicrobial compounds has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. It is generally considered to be durable and resistant to biodegradation. Foliar absorption Under normal growing conditions plants absorb most nutrients, except carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen, from the soil. The standard protocol for performing plant tissue culture experiments is fairly basic. A large animal like a horse produces a vast amount of manure, all of which will have to be washed and sieved so use a small animal unless you are very keen! You could prepare a graph where you plot surface area (y-axis) and concentration (x-axis) and there will be one line. The second reaction is oxidation of nitrite (NO2-) to nitrate by nitrate-oxidizing bacteria (NOB represented by the Nitrobacter species.

Divide into two jars and give 1 plant away to a friend with the instructions. Will you treat the plants with detergent in straight sea water or diluted sea water? The study by Fraunhofer Rodgers (2004) found that Coke was not as aggressive as lemonade in enamel dissolution. Furthermore, we ensure confidentiality of your personal information, so the chance that someone will find out about our cooperation is slim to none. Effect of seawater and/or detergents on plant s Plants that grow along the beach can tolerate the salty ocean spray that blows onto their leaves. Absinthe ( Artemisia absinthium ) wind-borne pollen may cause allergy in some people. Candida krusei, after 10 days growth on dextrose agar. Jones) Barramundi experiments As part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority's Reef Guardian Schools program, Tully State High School has established reef related activities to promote the Great Barrier Reef and increase understanding and appreciation of the local marine environment.

Julius Caesar, summary

This suggests a great EEI and one with great social and economic importance. Enzyme functioning All Hallows' School, Brisbane, runs an open inquiry EEI in Year 12 around the topic of enzymes. Factors affecting aerial (adventitious) root growth in ivy. Deadly EEI ideas, ideas for Year 11 and 12 Biology Extended Experimental Investigations. You can see the oil-impregnated filter paper square has killed off the mold. Many processes (eg beating) can denature albumin. Nevertheless, the concerns for student welfare are paramount. Probably the most well-known allelopathic plant is the black walnut ( Juglans nigra ) tree. In ethanol essays or term papers Pavlov's dogs, the bell stimulus producing salivation response in the dogs to replace the food stimulus). Rooting of cuttings Propagation of plants from cuttings is important in the horticultural industry and there is a continual search for compounds that will improve the success rate with rooting cuttings. All parts of the tree - roots, bark, leaves, nuts, and even rainwater that falls off a leafrelease an allelopathic substance called juglone. The indicator is pink in a basic solution, but colourless in a neutral or acidic solution. Images Copyright Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc.

Boy, boy, boy, girl, boy, girl, girl. Farmers know that in waterlogged soils the bacteria are less productive. Plant options Schools have a variety of sensors to get quantitative data about plant growth and behaviour. Honey bee collecting pollen Dandelion pollen (pictured) is notorious for causing allergies in honey. The mass loss of the Styrofoam block as a function of time caused by mealworm consumption was measured periodically. For chemistry students, note that the molar mass of the pentahydrate is 250g/mol. If you cut off their oxygen supply their activity decreases.

Physarum polycephalum Photo of slime mould in maze - taken from Nature article. Irrespective ethanol essays or term papers of the cause of the salinity, salt, he said, is left in the soil, contaminating it for future crops. Although they are individually weaker than disulfide bonds, hydrogen bonds are in much higher proportions to the disulphide bonds making them important in maintaining the tertiary structure of the protein. Every year, huge blankets of algae - some larger than Sydney Harbour - spread along the Shandong coast between Shanghai and Beijing in China - the by-products of fish farms. Blue seedlings look sick, but the red aren't too bad. Students are taught to use LoggerPro software with some basic sensors in the Junior school.

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Weeds are many home gardeners' biggest enemy. Mislimo da je ovo sjajna prilika za studente zavrnih godina da nadograde svoja znanja o pisanju biografije, razgovora za posao, pisanja biznis plana i unaprede vetine komunikacije, vebaju javni nastup sa sjajnim trenerima i stvore nove kontakte i poznanstva. Ray Specht and Yvonne Brouwer from the University of Queensland Botany Department entitled "Seasonal Shoot Growth of Eucalyptus species In the Brisbane Area of Queensland" in the Australian Journal of Botany, V 23,. Environmental Toxicology: What are we doing to our frogs? To identify relationships between patterns, trends." IP3 (VHA) and "analysis and evaluation of complex scientific interrelationships" (EC1, VHA). Keeping ethanol essays or term papers the sizes separate is much more important as the big ones are much better at destroying the little ones. In all cases, the Physarum polycephalum chose the path that was the shortest between the two food sources.