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Religion in middle east essay prize

religion in middle east essay prize

The State protects the freedom to practice religion in accordance with established customs, provided that it does not conflict with public policy or morals. Israel is the most dissimilar of all of the countries of the Middle East. The major difference between the Shi ites of Iran and the Shiites of Iraq is their bloodlines; Iraqis are Arab, while Iranians are not (Monshipouri, 1998). Arabs recall a golden age historically during which the Arab world was relatively advanced scientifically and technologically compared with Europe in the aftermath of the breakdown of the Empire in the West. The Government meets regularly with Christian and other leaders, and religious materials from many denominations are readily available, although anti-Islamic writings are prohibited. The three states that will be examined in this paper are Israel, Iran, and Iraq: a Jewish state, a non-Arab Muslim state, and an Arab Muslim state. The Sufi traditions concentrate on the closeness of God to the individual believer and the legalistic ulama place greater weight on divine transcendence. For example a passage in the Quran states: Hadith Muslim (4:1982) The Prophet said, I saw Hell also. The Shii tradition developed as an alternative vision and, in the days of the caliphs, presented a basis for opposition to the emerging Sunni political and social establishments. The Role of, religion in the, middle. Berkeley, CA and London: University of California Press, 1999. Others like Said emphasize the effects of imperialism and neocolonialism.

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The treatment of women and their rights in most countries have improved. John Esposito's The Islamic Threat: Myth or Reality? For most Shiites, there was a line of twelve Imams who provided this guidance, even though none of the Imams gained significant political power. Practices of fundamental Islamists vary when it comes to marital rights, education, and behavior and punishment of women according to the Quran. Tribal religions and local deities were also worshiped, as monism was not yet universal in the region. There is, however, a differentiation between Orthodox and non-Orthodox Jews.

Similarly to religion in middle east essay prize Bahrain, Kuwait guarantees freedom of religion, and tolerates other religions. Middle, east, regime is varied and eclectic; it would seem that the countries that are run by elite monarchists such as Saudi Arabia, have stricter laws on women and are more conservative or fundamental Islamists. Nor should the challenge of Islamic "fundamentalism he argues, be seen as identical with terrorism; political Islam, he asserts, has emerged as a powerful ideological force influencing how institutions like the nation-state within predominantly Islamic societies operate and are perceived. Around the time that Greece and Rome were building their sphere of influence, Iran (formerly Persia) was one of the most powerful empires in the world known for its progressive system of justice and great learning and recognized as the birthplace. There are some Israelis that are atheist and do not observe any of the Jewish holidays or traditions and the Orthodox whose lives are still governed by laws written several thousand years ago. To not be seen with a veil or appropriate dress has Western connotations, which has negative implications. In studying the politics of any region, the issue arises as to whether it is appropriate to focus on the particularities of that region - its specific history, culture and traditions - or to emphasize the region's place in global socio-economic. However, since the twelfth century, almost 100 of the Iranian population embraced Islam (Cleveland, 2004,. Iran is, indeed, a case of high religiosity. The fourth school is the Hanbali. The revolution also brought about the enmity of Husseins Iraq as the Sunni leader was apprehensive that the Shia majority would stage a similar revolution and wrest power away from hima factor strongly contributing to the Iran-Iraq War of the 1980s (Cleveland, 2004,.

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In some societies, women in the judicial process have very few rights that are the same as men, and their punishment seems to be much greater. The result is that the implications of any of the major religions for nationalism is both important and ambiguous. Hopes of making the dream come to fruition were further dashed by the existence of a number of ruthless and corrupt authoritarian regimes, the wave toward terrorism as a perceived solution for political injustice and recently the Islamic revivalist. When the Ottoman Turks ruled in Iraq, they confined themselves to the large cities and the people in outlying rural areas lived by their own rules more or less. The result was the creation of a political order in which paramount authority is in the hands of an executive who fills three traditional roles, that of the tribal leader, religious leader, and king. In the area of political theory and community guidance, it was clear that pending the return of the Hidden Imam, the possibility of absolute claim to political power (qudra) and authority (wilaya) resembling that of the Imam himself. However, within these boundaries there is great scope for diversity of approach and emphasis.

Before the Muslim Expansion, the predominant religions of the region were Judaism, Christianity, and Zoroastrianism. 820 the founder of the Shafii school, developed a more formal science of jurisprudence, which characterizes his school, by combining a strict usage of Traditions with a formal methodology of analogical analysis (Sivan, 1990). Israel attempts to expand its borders because her citizens believe that the land was given to them by God, Iran vacillates between modernization and radical Islam as many young Iranians have become quite progressive, and the Shia. Though there are still problems facing women in Kuwait, due to modernization, religion has less religion in middle east essay prize of a restrictive connotations, and more of a liberating one. The law schools reflect the fact that Sunni Islam is not monolithic.

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Shortly thereafter, they had to learn to work together because hostilities with their Arab neighbours threatened the existence of the new state. 11) It also differs from most scholars on the subject by finding some value in this context in the concept of "fundamentalism which he notes is quite different from "traditionalism." Islamists tend to hold the view that proponents. The laws of the country and the court system are based on a mixture of both Sharia and secular laws (Kostiner, 2000). (Hoffman, 1) In fact, many people believe the. Religion has been around for centuries, and has played a major role in many countries foundational periods. The Lebanese Parliament has equal representation among Christian and Muslim representatives.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. One often thinks of Iran as being perhaps the most repressive regime, in terms of religion and practices affected by religion, of the Middle East. The ideals and organizations of the majority of Muslims fit within the broad patterns of Sunni Islam. Among the Zaydi Shiites, the Imam is any member of the house of the Prophet who rises against the illegitimate rulers of an age. Competing with this has been a pan-Islamic movement inspired by a widely-shared Islamic faith. Poliakov, Martha Brill Olcott, Anthony Olcott (1992). Like much of the Third World, these parts of the region experienced imperialism. British effective control over Egypt, dating back to 1882, came to an end in 1923 but British and French authority over much of the former Ottoman territories persisted until after the Second World War. Middle, east for selfish reasons.

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Middle, east are Muslims, which is the following and practicing of Islam. In Israel, there are those that identify as ethnic Jews even though they do not participate in the religious traditions of Judaism. Neither approach will suffice by itself but, in practice, there may be some division of labour among scholars as long as those on each side of the divide engage in intellectual cross-fertilization. Humphreys seeks to include both cultural factors and factors related to strategic and economic vulnerability. Tibi examines the interaction among what he sees as civilizations, which he considers to be increasingly salient in international relations, and concludes that "As a liberal Muslim I rather believe in a cultural and political pluralism that precludes the dominance of whatever civilization." (p. This simple foundation for faith and experience has significance for all aspects of life. Sunni Kurds made up the remainder of the population, and they sought to remain culturally distinct from the Arabs (Cleveland, 2004,. Under Qadhafis direction, the Islamic Call Society (ICS) was established to control and disseminate state-approved religion, among other things; this takes the place of an official state declaration of religion.

Muhammad the founder of Islam believed the basic rules of practicing Islam was the worshiping of one god-Allah, the reverence of god, and the act of sharing ones wealth with others. The long interaction between changing conditions and the permanently established Quranic message has set patterns and ideals, and an analysis of the continuing effectiveness of that interaction is a necessary foundation for an understanding of Islam in the contemporary world. Religion, Culture and Politics in Iran: from the Qajars to Khomeini. Though the discourse on the Hijab and dress has been battered with human rights issues, it is not religion to blame, only the extreme use of it in states. Middle, eastern countries where the Quran is taken as a literal word and law, and there is constituted into actual state law. These people are called mujtahids, that is, people who can exercise ijtihad (independent judgment) (Poliakov et al, 1992). The Shiis of Iraq. The Dream Palace of the Arabs: A Generation's Odyssey. Other religions are not tolerated, and those of other religions are, in fact, punished. He sees the region as one in which there persists continuing tension between the bonds of tradition, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, the aspirations of individuals and states to enjoy the benefits of economic development and technological progress.

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795 places greater stress on using the Traditions as a basis for legal interpretation and is more conservative in mood (Sivan, 1990). In the Shiite view, Muhammad did designate a successor and that person was Ali. There are, however, other quite different manifestations of Islamic revivalism. Middle, east, because of the many different factors which come into play. Though there are very few states that are run by this ancient Islamic way, there are still groups that carry this out in modern. According to Ayalon, Ben-Rafael Sharot (1991 there were reports of numerous conflicts, some involving violent confrontations, between religious and secular Jews over such issues as public transportation on the Sabbath, opening cinemas on the Sabbath Eve, burning bus stations, displaying advertisements. It is more of a way to speak against imperialists and the Western world, not necessarily religion. Religion : State Assessments, the level of religion within a particular state is sometimes difficult to determine. However, these questions have been rendered moot for Israeli citizenship, as non-practicing Jews were also targeted by major world government. Today, Iraq is occupied by the.S. However, even within the Jewish community, there are several splits. Lebanon, like Israel in terms of state of religion is anomalous.

Religion and Women in the, middle, east, religion goes hand in hand with culture, and in the Muslim countries this is very apparent. Ethnically, Arabs comprise 80 of the population, however, slightly over half belong to the Shia sect and the minority were Sunnis. For other religions, identity is determined by practice such as profession of faith, attendance at places of worship, and prayer. For many Egyptians, both intellectuals and ordinary people, Mahfuz was a national hero; for many others, his liberalism made him such a hated figure that his friends and admirers, with the assistance of the police, continue. 99 of the population is Sunni Muslim, and the balance of the population is Shia Muslim (Kostiner, 2000). Qualified writers in the subject of religion are ready and waiting to help you with your studies. Attention to political culture need not be coupled with an assumption of homogeneity within a given society. However it is how it has been translated, either by modernists, conservatives, and fundamentalists and how this has altered the treatment of women in society. For instance, unlike Arabs, most Persian Muslims are of the Shia sect. There was also the very basic fear of facing extinction at the hands of an unjust government such as Hitlers Germany and the pogroms sponsored by tsarist Russia. Between Memory and Desire: The.

Further subdivision is based upon specific patterns of belief and practice. Second being the migration of western imperialism in the. The early and continuing success of Islam provided a confirmation for Muslims of the message of the revelation, and the starting point for an understanding of Islam in the modern world must be the historical experience of the ummah (the Muslim community). In contrast to this position, it would seem to be the case that a consideration of political culture need not preclude a recognition that politics takes place within particular strategic and political-economic contexts. This school has often been associated with fundamentalism and is currently dominant in Saudi Arabia. Mutawwa police have the right to cut off womens left hand if misbehaving. On the other hand, countries that have a more lenient approach have better education and rights for women (though still not as forward as some Western countries). Recent reports have pointed to cases of blatant disregard for and violent discrimination against recently converted Christians, mostly of the Coptic Orthodox Church (Chelkowski et al, 1998). She suggests that in practice in predominantly Islamic societies the relation between these spheres has been more ambiguous. The Revolutionary Women of Afghanistan have claimed that there is whipping, beating, and verbal abuse of women not clothed in accordance with Taliban rules. Fuller and Ian.

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In his Moderate and Radical Islamic Fundamentalism: The Quest for Modernity, Legitimacy, and the Islamic State, Ahmad. Not speaking Arabic, the Turks, Iranians and Kurds have seen themselves as being distinct nations. UK in Saudi Arabia. In other words, there is no religion in middle east essay prize such thing as a non-practicing Muslim. It is said the top three religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam were created in the. At the beginning of Israels settlement, people had divided themselves by ethnicity, but today they are more divided by sect (degree of religious observance) and social class (Ayalon, Ben-Rafael, Sharot, 1991,. Majority of the population in the. It is the product of diversity developing within the framework of the great common themes of Islam. It is this large enforcement of extreme religion which has gained attention from the Western countries, but little else due to their huge amounts of oil. He said: For their ingratitude or disbelief (bi-kufraihinna). It has little to do with religion ; however, the veil has been used as a way to enforce religion in fundamentalist areas. The states which are traditionally associated with high religious intensity are Iran and Saudi Arabia, and both have been shown to have extremely high levels of religiosity.

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Ibn Aqil: Religion and Culture in Classical Islam, Edinburgh University Press. To be a Muslim is not simply a matter of individual belief; it means participating in the effort to implement Gods will on earth. While the Constitution grants freedom of belief and the practice of religious rites, this right is seriously restricted in practice by the Government and its various agencies. While such conflicts are frequently cited as illustrations of the divisive aspects associated with a world characterized by religious pluralism, religion also frequently operates to restrain potential conflict, and to provide an allegiance that transcends national borders. Each school starts from the bases of the Quran and the Traditions. Proponents of Islamism, both radical and moderate, he argues, aim at the empowerment of the masses in the face of the challenges posed by modern high-tech, global capitalism. One group associates itself with Zayd ibn Ali, who led a revolt in 740. These schools are not separate sects or denominations, but, rather, emphasize different moods and techniques of law and interpretation. See Edward Said, Orientalism (New York: Vintage, 1978).

religion in middle east essay prize

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Menei are actually Shia clergy, making separation of church and state almost non-existent. The issue is also the political instability and strategic vulnerability of the region. Political Islam: Religion and Politics in the Arab World, Routledge, 1991 George Makdisi (1997). Middle, east is home to many significant temples and lands. In Libya 97 of the population is Sunni Muslim. This tradition became established in Yemen. Hunter challenges Huntington's theory that civilizational clash between Islam and the West is inevitable because of a presumed tenet of Islam that no distinction exists or can exist between the religious and political spheres.

Tradition, Innovation, Conflict: Jewishness and Judaism in Contemporary Israel. Initially, the dress code of women, particularly the Hijab, was mainly a garment of status. Islamism, Secularism and Human Rights in the Middle East, Lynne Rienner. Sunni Muslims are in full agreement that the message of unity provides the foundation lot religion in middle east essay prize social integration and that this means that the legal basis for society is Islam. In the tenth century, this Twelve-Imam Shiism, or Imami Shiism believes that the twelfth Imam in the line was taken into divinely sheltered seclusion and will return to visible leadership of humanity at some future date as a Mahdi or messianic guide. When Israel was granted statehood in 1948, it was created in order to provide a homeland for Jewish people after the atrocities which they had suffered during the Second World War. The life of Muhammad has received great attention in the Sunni tradition.

In sum, religion has shaped these countries profoundly. However, by the mid-seventeenth century, the Shii ulama were asserting their own position as guides for the community and at the end of the century one of the major mujtahids, Muhammad Baqir al-Majlisi, compiled a comprehensive exposition of Imami Shiism in strict and uncompromising terms. God is seen as requiring submission to His will and as having made that will known to humanity through revelations to a series of prophets. The Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) was fought largely on this basis, although it is true that both have considerably large Shiite populations. This dominance began when the Safavid state established Imami Shiism as the official religion of the Iranian state in the sixteenth century. Mecca and Medina, the place where billions take holy migration to, is situated here and therefore religion in middle east essay prize Saudi Arabia has strong religious ties and feelings within.