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Unt medical science program short answer essays

unt medical science program short answer essays

7 Interview with FBI Directorate of Intelligence official (Jan. 648 Similarly, the Community stated in the NIE that "in January 2002, Iraq flight-tested an extended-range version of the al-Samoud that flew beyond the 150-km range limit." The Community subsequently learned that it had misidentified the missile and had incorrectly deduced. 17 See,.g., Memorandum from the President to the Director of Central Intelligence (Nov. The use of analytical methodologies, such as red teaming, scenario analyses, and crisis simulations, to explore and understand the impact of new technologies and weapons.S. These counterintelligence activities must continue, and resources currently allocated to asset validation or other operational counterintelligence capabilities should not be diminished. Iraq had approximately 500 metric tons of weaponized CW stockpile at the time of Operation Desert Storm.

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It remains to be seen, however, whether the information-technology hurdles involved in linking related reporting can be overcome. The new legislation creates a number of positions in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. 589 Classified intelligence report (Jan. CIA also asserted that the unclassified document describing Zippe's design could be interpreted as using rotors with wall thicknesses that ranged from.0 millimeter.8 millimeters. 2 This unprecedented disarmament effort resulted in significant steps toward the normalization.S.-Libyan unt medical science program short answer essays relations, including the lifting of most economic sanctions on Libya and the unfreezing of its assets in the United States.

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41 CIA, Title Classified (July 18, 2003). 768 Also, one unt medical science program short answer essays basis for the conclusion that the tubes were for centrifuges was that the specifications were excessive for rockets, yet CIA analysts did not vigorously pursue an effort to determine the specifications used in the Italian rocket from which. In fact, one reason for the apparent unanimity among Western intelligence services that Iraq posed a more serious WMD threat than proved to be the case was the extensive sharing of intelligence information, and even analysis, among liaison services. Rotations to this unit would also reinforce habits that should be second nature, but sometimes get lost in the daily press of business. In the case of Iraq, collectors of intelligence absorbed the prevailing analytic consensus and tended to reject or ignore contrary information. Trachsel Intelligence Professional George Tsakiris Information Technology Specialist Marc. 640 The ISG concluded that Iraq had not possessed Scud or Scud-variant missiles after 1991, having by then either expended or unilaterally destroyed its stockpile. This assessment also concluded that "the establishment of mobile BW agent production plants and continued delivery system development provide Baghdad with BW capabilities surpassing the pre-Gulf War era." 240 Similar assessments were provided to senior policymakers. As we noted in our terrorism case study, caveats such as orcon originator controlled wrongly imply that collectors of intelligence "own" the information and should control access. Oehler directed the DCI's Non-Proliferation Center and is recognized as one of the nation's leading experts on technology, proliferation, and weapons of mass destruction. Murray Information Technology Specialist Lori.

Finally, the legislation provides that the Office of the DNI may include "such other offices and officials as may be established by law or the Director may establish or designate in the office including "national intelligence centers." Of these various mandated. 569 Classified intelligence reporting ; see also DCI Statement for the Record at Tab 4,. 253 Classified intelligence report (March 2002 see also NIC, The Iraqi National Congress Defector Program (NIC 1768-02) (July 10, 2002). These assessments will enable Mission Managers to develop strategic analysis plans to guide the Community's analytic efforts over the long term. In this report, for ease of reference, when we use the term nctc, we refer to both unt medical science program short answer essays nctc and its predecessor, ttic, unless otherwise noted. This mistake was also traced to the earlier CIA/nesa publication. The DO officer responsible for sources and methods did not recall that the division chief made any specific redactions of language from the draft.

The new integrated enterprise will draw on the technical expertise possessed by each collector, but will also demand that agencies work together to ensure that all forms of collection are used where they are most needed and effective. In fact, iaea interviews with Iraqi engineers in early 2003 indicated that Iraq may have over-specified the tubes for use in rockets because of engineering inexperience. 403 Instead, the post-war investigations concluded that Curveball's reporting was not influenced by, controlled by, or connected to, the INC. But because such efforts are disguised, it is often difficult to determine on whose behalf a procurement request is made. The PDBs attributed information to multiple sources without making clear that the information rested very heavily on only one of those sources. But one thing will still be missing-the people necessary to do what needs to be done. 26-29; and Tab 4,. Government pertaining to terrorism and counterterrorism, excepting intelligence pertaining exclusively to domestic terrorists and domestic counterterrorism. Recommendation 2 The DNI should create a small cadre of all-source analysts-perhaps 50-who would be experts in finding and using unclassified, open source information.

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8, 2004 Interview with State Department official (Sept. We close with recommendations that recognize the importance of more generally leveraging legal and regulatory mechanisms to aid in the service of intelligence. Signals intelligence-the interception of radio, telephone, and computer communications-has historically been a primary source of good intelligence. 9 Interview with senior In-Q-Tel official (Feb. Chemical warfare Chemical Warfare Summary Finding The Intelligence Community erred in its 2002 NIE assessment of Iraq's alleged chemical warfare program. The study first details the stream of pre-war intelligence assessments, from the Gulf unt medical science program short answer essays War to Operation Iraqi Freedom, and compares those to the post-war findings of the Iraq Survey Group.

413 Interview with CIA/DO officials and CIA Iraq WMD Review Group (Aug. The result is that the subject is pushed to the periphery, our adversaries take advantage of our neglect, and American national security suffers. It is thus critical to enhance our intelligence from liaison services. CIA analysts, for their part, were too quick to see confirmation of their hypothesis-that Iraq would seek to reconstitute its nuclear program at the first opportunity-based on somewhat dubious technical evidence. The collection challenges facing the Intelligence Community are certainly daunting. Specifically, the group chief says she argued, adamantly, that the supposedly corroborating information was of dubious significance because it merely established that Curveball had been to the location, not that he had any knowledge of BW activities being conducted there. 5 Interview with National Counterintelligence Executive (Sept. 452 Interview with CIA winpac CW analyst (Oct. 321 Classified cable traffic (Dec.

80 Not long after the start of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, Iraq started to pursue formally a uranium enrichment program using a variety of uranium enrichment techniques. 8-9; see also DOE, Daily Intelligence Highlight, Iraq: High Strength Aluminum Tube Procurement (April 11, 2001) (tubes "could be used to manufacture gas centrifuge rotor cylinders for uranium enrichment" but the tubes "more likely" are intended to support a different application, such as rocket casings). The Intelligence Community's assessment that the UAVs were "probably" for BW delivery remained unchanged in the run-up to the war. 548 The Intelligence Community unt medical science program short answer essays also judged that these UAVs could threaten the.S. This plan would define core Community competencies and set evaluation criteria (for the entire workforce as well as for key segments, such as analysts and establish a standard pay grade and compensation structure-while retaining the flexibility to allow agencies. 18 Whether that five to seven year clock had started to run, however, was unclear: this assessment noted that although there was "no firm evidence that reconstitution had begun, six years had passed since the Gulf War and the. Today, the unit has only two people-the unit chief and a single intelligence analyst. In doing so, we reviewed numerous intelligence reports and conducted interviews with Intelligence Community analysts, collectors, and supervisors, as well as policymakers and non-governmental regional and weapons experts. In the case of pre-war assessments of Iraqi WMD, working-level winpac analysts described an environment in which managers rewarded judgments that fit the consensus view that Iraq had active WMD programs and discouraged those that did not. We would give the Mission Managers responsibility for driving and maintaining an overarching collection strategy in their subject matter areas.

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The President may also be verbally briefed by the Director of the FBI who uses material from a "Director's Daily Report" prepared by his staff. At a minimum, therefore, NIEs must be carefully caveated and the degree of uncertainty in the judgments clearly communicated. Professionalizing Human unt medical science program short answer essays Intelligence Across the Community We have been critical of the CIA's Directorate of Operations at certain points, but it is important also to emphasize what they do well. Mapping software may in fact have been inadvertent as the procurement agent claimed, CIA remained uncertain whether the procurement agent was lying. The Intelligence Community failed to authenticate in a timely fashion transparently forged documents purporting to show that Iraq had attempted to procure uranium from Niger. A single person should have authority to assess alternative options, select among competing priorities, choose solutions, and direct appropriate research and development initiatives to solve collection problems. It may also create economies of scale in training costs. Conclusion 14 The Community made serious mistakes in its technical analysis of Iraq's unconventional weapons program. 301 Interview with CIA winpac analysts (Oct.

Two areas show particular promise: first, machine translation of foreign languages; and second, tools designed to prioritize documents in their native language without the need for translation. In some cases, it knows less now than it did five or ten years ago. The Intelligence Community's failure to get the BW question right stemmed, first and foremost, from the strong prevailing assumptions about Iraq's intentions and behavior that led the Intelligence Community to conclude that Curveball's reporting was sufficient evidence to judge with "high confidence". More specifically, Iraq subsequently admitted that it had worked on in-flight mixing of binary CW weapons before the Gulf War, produced larger amounts of VX agent than previously admitted, and perfected long-term storage of a VX precursor. 249 Classified intelligence report ; see also ssci. 50 The statute also recommends, although it does not require, that other entities establish similar positions. Analytical flaws in assessing the significance of the imagery indicators were not the only factors leading to the misassessment of the imagery intelligence. However, the majority of these initiatives will not produce the enduring institutional change required to address our current threat environment." 8 Recognizing the incomplete nature of the Intelligence Community's efforts, the President and Congress have taken their own steps. Long-term products such as the NIE bear reexamination as well. The Intelligence Community's collaboration with the Department of Homeland Security should not stop at targeting cargoes. These transshipments began in March 2002 and continued until early 2003. In addition to reaching outside the government to develop a more robust and mutually beneficial relationship with the biological science community, the Intelligence Community needs more effective links with biological experts and authorities inside the government.

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Finally, the rules governing classification of national security information are antiquated and overly complex. I n many attack simulations,.S. 168 NIE. 792 Interview with former Deputy Director for Operations James Pavitt (May 18, 2004 Interview with Division Chief and Group Chief, CIA/DO (Dec. An even-handed assessment of the evidence should have led the Intelligence Community to conclude that the tubes were more likely destined for tactical rockets. Given the importance of the development of such an environment, we would make the cimo one of the DNI's Deputies. In particular, the daily exposure to current intelligence products such as the PDB may create, unt medical science program short answer essays over time, a greater perception of certainty about their judgments than is warranted. Terrorism analysts even used a different vocabulary to describe unconventional weapons capabilities, using the term "cbrn"-chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear-weapons programs instead of "WMD" programs. A new long-term research and analysis unit, under the mantle of the National Intelligence Council, should wall off all-source analysts from the press of daily demands and serve as the lead organization for interagency projects involving in-depth analysis. 176 Analysts are of course often called upon to make judgments based on limited information, particularly on difficult targets such as Iraq's nuclear program. 421 The ISG did conclude, however, that "Saddam never abandoned his intentions to resume a CW effort when sanctions were lifted and conditions were judged favorable and that Iraq's post-1995 infrastructure improvements "would have enhanced Iraq's ability.

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One effort aimed at increasing such interaction is the Defense Intelligence Agency's Bio-Chem 2020, a small-scale attempt at discussing emerging biotechnology threats with outside experts, usually at the unclassified or secret level. In considering organizational issues, we did not delude ourselves that organizational structure alone can solve problems. ES-1 (hereinafter "IC Inter-Agency unt medical science program short answer essays iswg May 2004 Calibration Report (emphasis in original). 48 And whatever may be said about the current state of the Libyan programs and the veracity of Tripoli's disclosures, it remains true that the mercurial regime may suddenly shift its plans and intentions, leading to a covert resuscitation of these. 169 ssci. But Curveball's reporting became a central part of the Intelligence Community's pre-war assessments through a serious breakdown in several aspects of the intelligence process. The Intelligence Community should expand the use of non-monetary incentives that remind analysts of the importance of their work and the value of their contributions to national security.

In short, the intelligence directorate has few, if any, mechanisms for exercising direct authorities over FBI's intelligence collectors or analytic products. But we also reviewed the state of the Intelligence Community's knowledge about the unconventional weapons programs of several countries that pose current proliferation threats, including Iran, North Korea, China, and Russia. (c) Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair or otherwise affect the authorities of any department, agency, entity, officer, or employee of the United States under applicable law. 6 Inter-agency Information Sharing Working Group, Consolidated Report (Dec. Indeed, the new system must "incorporate protections for individuals' privacy and civil liberties." 53 Even before implementation of the new Information Sharing Environment, the President, in consultation with the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, must issue guidelines to "protect. Interview with Directorate of Intelligence official (March 8, 2005). 5th Street Terre Haute, IN 47809 Web:. 115 Raymond Whitaker, "Niger Timebomb: The Diplomat, the Forgery, and the Suspect Case for War The Independent on Sunday (Aug. Address: Idaho State University 921.

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8, 2004 CIA,.S. For example, though elements of the Intelligence Community were aware that the Nasser 81 millimeter rocket was likely reverse-engineered from the Italian Medusa air-to-ground rocket, neither DIA nor CIA-the two unt medical science program short answer essays most vociferous proponents of a nuclear end-use-obtained the specifications. Unlike the existing intelligence paradigm, which is heavily reliant on the production of "finished" intelligence products, interdiction may require, for example, that military commanders or customs officials communicate directly with collectors and analysts. Chatham University Pennsylvania Preferred/recommended Christian Brothers University Tennessee See Program Website Clarkson University New York 500 hours Paid experience with hands-on patient care. . 518 Interview with CIA winpac CW analyst (Oct.

We also recognize that because of the dramatic effects an electronic system would have on the way the Intelligence Community does its work and because of substantial security concerns, any new program along these lines will require a great deal of additional thought and planning. Iii (Saddam Hussein undeterred from his goal of regional supremacy NIC, Prospects for Iraq: Saddam and Beyond (NIE 93-42) (Dec. 553 NIE, Nontraditional Threats to the US Homeland Through 2007 (NIE-2002-15HJ) (Nov. Interdiction strategies and in assisting in individual interdiction operations. That's because our adversaries are getting better at denial and deception, and because the threat is changing. 27, 2004 see also CIA/DO description of the DO Asset Validation System (Sept. 33 Executive Order 12968 (Aug. Angered by the continuing sanctions, inspections, and military attacks such as Operation Desert Fox, Saddam Hussein in a secret meeting in 1998 unilaterally abrogated Iraqi compliance with all United Nations resolutions, though, according to the ISG, it is unclear if anything. 453 At approximately 11 sites, imagery analysts saw a number of "indicators" in the imagery that suggested to them that some of the trucks were possibly moving CW munitions; then, because imagery analysts observed evidence of numerous such shipments. At that time, however, the Community judged that it had insufficient information to make assessments about BW agent testing and deployment of filled munitions. Afghanistan regional analysts focused more on political, economic, opium production, and military (Taliban) issues. 509 Contrary to pre-war assessments, NGA concluded that the activity represented "conventional maintenance and logistical activity rather than chemical weapons." 510 NGA analysts drew this conclusion in part after reexamining imagery and in part on ISG debriefs of former commanders of the Al Musayyib site.

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Government that is designed to influence foreign governments, events, organizations, or persons in support.S. 474 NIC, Iraq's Chemical Warfare Capabilities: Potential for Dusty and Fourth-Generation Agents: Memorandum to Holders of NIE 2002-16HC the October 2002 unt medical science program short answer essays NIE (M/H NIE 2002-16) (Nov. Create a separate National Security Service within the FBI that includes the Bureau's Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism Divisions, as well as the Directorate of Intelligence. The DNI should also encourage the development of a system that enables Intelligence Community personnel to update intelligence information that has been judged to be unreliable, of increased or decreased certainty, or simply retracted. Khan nuclear proliferation network is another example of an impressive human intelligence achievement.

Interview with former Assistant Attorney General (Nov. The information that unt medical science program short answer essays Curveball had been out of Iraq during July through December 1998 and left Iraq in March 1999 traveling in true name-in contradiction to his claims-was eventually confirmed by cross-referencing pertinent travel records. These processes would need to include methods for tracking the consequences of unauthorized disclosures, and a formal process for resolving disputes among agencies and stakeholders over the costs and benefits of particular disclosure decisions. 104 The ISG noted that these efforts raise questions about whether high-specification tubes were really needed for rockets. Typically, covert actions are carried out by CIA with such assistance as may be necessary by other elements of the Intelligence Community as directed by the President. The President's Daily Brief should be restructured. 430 This finding was noteworthy to Community analysts because it established beyond any doubt (in analysts' eyes) that Iraq, before 1991, had successfully weaponized VX-a technical advance that Iraq refused to admit in its United Nations declarations both before. 14 Prior to December 2003, the Intelligence Community continued to judge that Libya was pursuing a limited chemical weapons program through small-scale research efforts. In our view analysts relied too heavily on the presence of Samarra tanker trucks-backed by other, even more ambiguous imagery indicators-to support multiple, interdependent, and wide-ranging judgments about Iraq's chemical warfare program.

Since September 11, the reallocation of unt medical science program short answer essays resources to respond to WMD terrorism has resulted in significant improvements in both foreign and domestic intelligence. The order requires high-level approval for virtually all information sharing and assistance to the Intelligence Community. 2002 Interview with CIA Iraq WMD Review Group analyst (Sept. However, the effort dedicated to bringing down the network demonstrates how rare and hard-fought future successes may. Touro University Nevada Physician Assistant Program The Master of Physician Assistant Studies Program is committed to the education of highly qualified compassionate Physician Assistants who Address: Touro University 874 American Pacific Drive Henderson, NV 89011 Web:. 798 One consequence of the length of the NIE-aside from discouraging its readers to look beyond the Key Judgments-is that its sheer heft suggests that there was a surfeit of evidence supporting those Key Judgments.