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Light pollution research paper

light pollution research paper

A new scientific truth is not usually presented in a way to convince its opponents. The above difference is not statistically possible without corrupted science. The definition of light pollution, also known as photopollution or luminous pollution, is the excessive, misdirected or invasive use of artificial outdoor lighting. Summary of how EMF pollution affects each system of our body: Use of fluorescent lighting leading to an increase in eye disease in developed Bee Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) can be partially explained by the increased microwave radiation. Research published by International Journal of Science and Research estimates that over-illumination wastes about 2 million barrels of oil per day and lighting is responsible for one-fourth of all energy consumption worldwide. (accessed November 19, 2013). This applies to all lateral angles around the light source. Light pollution also affects the quality of life and safety of humans. Photopollution is not a new phenomenon. DNA damage in rats. Captured Agency report on how the FCC is completely dominated by the wireless industry that it supposedly regulates. Take steps to prevent and reduce light pollution in your home, work, and community.

What Is, light Pollution?

Here are some simple tips to help you reduce light pollution without sacrificing your comfort or safety. Causes of Light Pollution, luminous pollution is caused by using outdoor lights when and where they are not necessary. Chart #7 shows up in areas like national parks where light pollution tends to be very low. . Warm It Up, use compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and LED bulbs that produce warm white lighting. It would take nearly 702 million trees to absorb the carbon dioxide produced by wasted light. This report was buried by the German government as soon as it was published because of the consequences of its findings. Melatonin deficiency can result in anxiety and mood disorders, insomnia, and elevated estrogen/progesterone ratio. Proposed statement on electromagnetic hypersensitivity by the European Economic and Social Committee: Study shows Secondhand Radiation from Cell Phones is Considerable: Rebuttal. University of Georgia, it is estimated that around half of the water light pollution research paper withdrawn from water systems in the United States each year is used for cooling electric power plants. According to a study by the American Geophysical Union, light pollution could also be making smog worse by destroying nitrate radicals that helps the dispersion of smog. You can shield exiting fixtures by buying and installing reasonably priced shades. The Dark-Sky Movement The dark-sky movement is a grass roots movement by professional and amateur astronomers to reduce light pollution.

Even though humans can't see or smell noise pollution, it still affects the environment. In a 2010 article from the. Visual performance may remain affected for some time well after the incident. This makes the water hold less oxygen, which can kill fish and wildlife. Globe at Night - Founded by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, the Globe at Night is an international research project that asks members to choose the star-chart number, 1 through 7, which best represents what they can see toward the constellation on the month.

The Causes Effects on the Night

It is estimated that nearly 30 of outdoor lighting is wasted due to this poor design. German report on 878 Russian studies from regarding the health effects of EMF. Flagstaff, AZ, Borrego Springs, CA, Homer Glenn, IL, and the Island of Sark, Channel Islands, UK, have been certified as dark-sky communities. Other sources of air pollution can come from within buildings, such as secondhand smoke. PDF or, kindle versions. They also experience a decline in reproduction that leads to a shrinking population. According to the EPA, low levels of dissolved oxygen in the water are also considered a pollutant. Comprehensive German data bank of global EMF research showing biological effects of RF/EMF: 2015 paper showing that polarized EMF (man-made) is much more biologically active than non-polarized EMF (natural sources such as infrared, ultraviolet and visible light light pollution research paper from the sun m/articles/srep. Nitrate radical, a form of nitrogen oxide, breaks down vehicle and factory emissions at night. Households generate hazardous waste as well, including paints and solvents, motor oil, fluorescent lights, aerosol cans and ammunition. "Light Pollution." Accessed November 19, 2013. "City lighting 'boosts pollution'." BBC News, December 14, 2010. Nutrient pollution, also called eutrophication, is another type of water pollution.

Pollution, facts Types of, pollution

Light pollution, called sky glow, also makes it difficult for astronomers, both professional and amateur, to properly see the stars. In 2008, National Geographic magazine named Chicago the most light-polluted city in the United States. Tucson, AZ: International Dark-Sky Association, 2008. Adequate sanitation helps to keep sewage and other contaminants from entering the water supply. The nutrient works like fertilizer and makes algae grow at excessive rates, according. Some consequences of light pollution are: Some birds sing at unnatural hours in the presence of artificial light. Sea turtle hatchlings instinctively crawl toward the brightest part on the beach, which for many centuries was the moonlight and starlit ocean; however, excessive lighting on the beach or near the shore confuses the hatchlings and causes them wander away from the ocean. Dark Sky Lighting, which is designed to minimize glare, light spill, and sky glow. This results in birds deviating from their intended migration route, flying until they experience exhaustion and collapse, and becoming prey to other animals. Nasa report on EMF effects on human body Electromagnetism and Life book by Robert. Female turtles nest on dark, remote beaches, but bright coastal lights prevent them from finding safe nesting areas for their eggs. Candela per 1000 lamp Lumens does not numerically exceed 25 (2.5 percent) at a vertical angle of 90 degrees from the nadir. "The Dark Side of Light: A Transdisciplinary Research Agenda for Light Pollution Policy." Ecology and Society 15,.

"About the Campaign for Dark Skies." Accessed November 19, 2013. Water pollution happens when chemicals or dangerous foreign substances are introduced to water, including chemicals, sewage, pesticides and fertilizers from agricultural runoff, or metals like lead or mercury. It can happen when a factory or power plant that is using water to cool its operations ends up discharging hot water. Manufacturers like Minka Lavery offer beautiful dark sky approved outdoor light fixtures. This new study by the prestigious Ramazzini Institute in Italy has confirmed the tumor results of the NTP study. Luminous pollution of this magnitude is on the rise worldwide. The scientist calls for RF to be labeled an iarc Class 1 Carcinogen (meaning definitely carcinogenic to humans) and recommends urgent revision to safety guidelines. Most people can't imagine living without the modern convenience of electric lights. The study showed that serum glucose, lipase and amylase levels were higher in the EMR group, and the results were significant, indicating both endocrine and exocrine cell damage. Brain cancer rates have doubled in Denmark the past 10 years: Swedish brain cancer rates have increased : Thousands of studies showing links between EMF pollution and biological effects studies are noted for showing effects or showing no effect. The algae blocks light from other plants.

Environmental impact of paper, wikipedia

Underwater noise pollution coming from ships has been shown to upset whales ' navigation systems and kill other species that depend on the natural underwater world. According to a 2010 study by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, photopollution increases air pollution by suppressing a naturally occurring radical that cleans the air at night. In March 2013, the University of Hong Kong named the city the most light polluted in the world. Blinding Glare Blinding glare, also known as absolute glare or dazzle, occurs when a light source impairs the field of vision, preventing the eye from seeing anything but the light source. Wood contributed.2 of the garbage; glass was.4 and other miscellaneous materials made up about. #1 represents the areas with the most light pollution, like New York City.

Other air pollutants like carbon dioxide have an indirect impact on human health through climate change Sealy told Live Science. It is when nutrients, such as nitrogen, are added into bodies of water. If you live near the beach, use certified Turtle Safe Lighting. Glow domes are visible in cities and towns throughout the world, and they appear in a variety of sizes such as large domes over metropolitan hubs or small domes above over-illuminated commercial areas and sport complexes or stadiums. The group is affiliated with the IDA and works with the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee to adopt legislation that reduces photopollution. You dutifully recycle glass, metal, paper, and plastic waste each week. Their nervous systems are also easily damaged by EMF because they do not yet have the protection afforded by nerve cell myelination.

Carl Blackman showing that frequency modulation (not the carrier wave) is the primary reason for non-thermal biological effects:. This creates a hazardous environment for drivers and pilots because it competes with traffic and navigation signals. Increased glucose metabolism is associated with cancer. Poorly designed residential, commercial, and industrial outdoor lights also contribute significantly to light pollution. Air pollution occurs when things that aren't normally there are added to the air. Harvard Pediatric Neurologist states dangers of Wi-Fi in classrooms and potential autism link: Harvard Pediatrician light pollution research paper EMF Dangers for Children.

Research, protect Your Family from EMF, pollution

The air we breathe has a very exact chemical composition; 99 of it is made up of nitrogen, oxygen, water vapor and inert gases. Paul Dart gives smart meter presentation outlining how inadequate FCC rules regulating microwave radiation are: Australian study showing health effects of wireless smart Survey of 210 respondents whose health was harmed by smart meters: 52 Medical Doctors. Candela per 1000 lamp Lumens does not numerically exceed 100 (10 percent) at a vertical angle of 80 degrees from the nadir. Plant's flowering and developmental patterns can be entirely disrupted by artificial light. Artificial light also increase the chemicals for ozone pollution. Light domes also affect the polarization of moonlight, which nocturnal animals use to navigate. The nightly process prevents the emissions from becoming smog, ozone pollution, or other harmful irritants.

Current research trends on plastic pollution and

The circadian clock regulates physiologic activities such as brain wave patterns, hormone production, and cell regulation. United Nations, 783 million people do not have access to clean water and around.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation. It confirms that FCC guidelines only relate to damage from heating (thermal) effects: EPA Letter Stating FCC Guideliness are only based on Thermal Effects World Health Organization and iarc classifies microwave radiation as a possible carcinogen May 31, 2011: Sufficient. If the pollutant is highly toxic, the effects on health can be widespread and severe. Candela per 1000 lamp Lumens does not numerically exceed light pollution research paper 50(5 percent) at an angle of 90 degrees from the nadir. A 2007 IDA study estimated that 30 of all light emitted by public outdoor light fixtures is wasted, which amounts to 22 Terawatt Hours (TWh year of wasted electrical energy. Organic material was the largest component of the garbage generated, the EPA said. Hazardous waste is any liquid, solid or sludge waste that contain properties that are dangerous of potentially harmful to human health or the environment. "The very young, the old and those with vulnerable immune systems are most at risk from air pollution. In the United States alone, wasted lighting accounts for.7 million tons of carbon dioxide and.2 billion in wasted electricity each year Effects of Light Pollution Luminous pollution has dire effects on our environment and resources of energy.

Water pollution can also severely affect marine life. Published June 2015 by investigative journalist. Industries generate hazardous waste from mining, petroleum refining, pesticide manufacturing and other chemical production. Org/ m/ http www. Types of Light Pollution Photopollution occurs in a variety of forms, including light trespass, glare, sky glow, and light clutter. Artificial lights sources can overwhelm natural light sources, causing birds to be drawn to or fixated on the artificial lights.

New 'smart traffic light ' may reduce fleet time, air pollution

Anthony Miller Internal FDA memo from 1993 states that data strongly suggests that microwave radiation promotes cancer: ml Swisscom admits elevated risk of cancer and genetic damage from Wi-Fi: ml Motorola has war-gamed the science since 1994:. One source of light can result in multiple forms of pollution. "International Dark Sky Places." Accessed November 19, 2013. The results still stand though. VB9ycyWd8GMs This study from Austria shows that 24 hours of mobile phone radiation causes as much DNA damage as 1,600 chest x-rays. Only about 34 was recycled or composted. Warming water can also be harmful. Noise pollution happens when the sound coming from planes, industry or other sources reaches harmful levels.

Sky Glow Sky glow originates from natural and man-made sources; however, poorly designed and targeted artificial lights are the main cause of sky glow. Org/ m/ http ehtrust. The occasion is observed in nearly 7,000 cities worldwide. "Lightscape / Nigh Sky." Accessed November 19, 2013. According to, national Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (noaa 80 of pollution in marine environment comes from the land through sources like runoff. Air pollution kills more than 2 million people each year, according to a study published in the journal of Environmental Research Letters. Light Pollution and Wildlife. The lights are even visible in the Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah, known as one of the darkest spots in North America, located over 260 light pollution research paper miles northeast of the city. Glare occurs in the following three forms: Discomfort Glare Discomfort glare is also known as psychological glare, and is the most common type of glare.