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Uwb thesis

uwb thesis

This situation can be worsened if PPM is used since timing precision in the order of a few picoseconds is needed to maintain an acceptable performance. In addition, although the available bandwidth for UWB granted by the FCC.5GHz, it does not mean that the pulses should use the whole bandwidth. This noise passes through all the stages in the chain and is further degraded. The objective of this simulation was to know the signal to noise ratio (SNR) and the bit error rate (BER) of the link at distances up to 100m using different bit rates. In the DS-UWB, the programmable delay is only used if the signal has a PPM modulation scheme. Likewise, the schottky diode smsd6004 was selected and an ADS model was created. This was expected from the second term of equation.8. Therefore, most of the current studies have been done for PPM and bpsk Pulse Position Modulation PPM This kind of modulation consists on changing the delay between the transmitted pulses according to the binary data.

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The FCC power spectral density emission limit for UWB transmitters.3 dBm/MHz. Hence, it is important to obtain the relationship between them. It was found that Aeroflex Metelics have self recovery diodes that can be used in these applications. The number of data bits uwb thesis that was set for the simulation was 10e4. Next, the results of the measurements of the pulse generator are presented. The pulse rate of the system is 100MHz and the bit rates under investigation were 100Mbps, 50Mbps, 25Mbps, and 10Mbps. Chapter 3 deals with the transceiver architecture design based on the selection of a pulse waveform, modulation scheme, and multiple access technique. Figure.4 Optimum and Sub-optimum correlation.5 Jitter Analysis So far, the simulation of the receiver included radio performance analysis based on 52 61 the assumption that only thermal noise is present. There are a few considerations that must be done in order to select the center frequency.

Research on impulse radar technology was done during 1940s and 1960s, and the first patents for short-pulse receivers were granted then. As there is no standardization yet, the shape of the signal is not restricted, but its characteristics are restricted by the FCC mask. Finally, the front end should include a LNA in the first stage to keep the noise power as low as possible. Pulse repetition rates may be either low or very high. Indeed, the size of the 0402 components made the soldering process a challenging task. Analytically, the delay that a pulse experiments inside the short stub is equal to two times of flight, or: Where: d Tf d 2Tf is the delay of the pulse inside the stub is the time of flight. In addition, figure.4 shows the proposed solution using the positive pulse generator of the transmitter as reference signal. Eb/No curves that include the jitter effect are presented in figure.4. The sampling of the signal is the last step of the receiver front end. In addition, the switching speed of the commercially available switches is low when compared with the requirements of the UWB signals. "Automatic radar target recognition of objects falling on railway tracks". These systems are described using their impulse response. Assuming that the bandwidth of the information signal is the same as the bitrate (which is expected after the integration in the correlator over a period of Tb then the following equation can.

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The work was done at the IoT Lab of Politecnico di Milano. This facilitates the detection of potential problems that can appear in the design. In practice, this is difficult to achieve and as a result the SNR required to maintaining a target BER is larger than that described in Finally it is important to note that as in any communication system, the information. However, the parameter that the radio designer commonly uses during the design and implementation of the system is the SNR. The distance of the link (figure.1). Originally, this concept was called carrierless or impulse technology due to its nature.

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Finally, the programmable time-delay, is perhaps the most complex part of the receiver. The pulse generation is discussed and each block of the transmitter is translated to circuit schematics. In order to plot results for BER close to 10e-5 it would be required to process at least 10e5 bits. Due to the characteristics of the impulse radios, up/down conversion is not required. Rakhesh Singh Kshetrimayum, An introduction to UWB communication systems, ieee Potentials, volume 28, issue 2, pages 9-13. Each pulse in a pulse-based UWB system occupies the entire UWB bandwidth. For example, they are inherently resistant to multi-path fading due to the fact that it is possible to resolve differential delays between pulses on the order of 1ns.

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In case of DS-UWB with Bi-Phase modulation, the programmable time delay is omitted, and the block of modulation and code generation control directly the pulse generator. Figure.4 Return Loss of the monopole antenna 8 23 32 One antenna that seems to be a good choice for UWB is the Vivaldi antenna. Then this file was imported in Matlab and simulated with the rest of the parts of the system. 10 When stealth is required, some UWB formats (mainly pulse-based) may be made to appear like a slight rise in background noise to any receiver unaware of the signals complex pattern. This material has a dielectric constant r equal.48 and a very low loss tangent equal to The rogers family of substrates presents an accurate r which is repetitive over a large range of frequencies, and is suitable for high frequency RF applications. An oscillator controls two monocycle generators. Figure.5 Measurement Setup The spectrums of signals at the output of the different stages were measured and saved in text files with CSV format. For example, for binary data equal to 1, the pulses are delayed seconds as can be seen in figure 15 Figure.2 PPM Waveform Mathematically, the modulated data can be expressed. This phenomenon can be seen in figure.1 which shows the input voltage applied to the diode and its output. Computer Science and Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. 3.2 DS-UWB Transceiver Overview Transmitter Analysis The structure of the proposed transmitter can be seen in figure.1. As can be seen, instead of having a constant -3dB gain, this attenuator shows a low pass filter curve frequency response. As a result, the blocks of the receiver were implemented in Matlab and the performance of the whole transceiver was estimated through numeric simulations.

The gain of this amplifier is set to 2 using a non-inverting configuration. The output of the amplifier is ac coupled through a capacitor and connected to the first 3dB attenuator. Current publications propose new UWB models that give better approximations to the experimental results. Here, the substrate parameters, the metal layer, vias and the GND plane were defined. Hence, it was selected a standard FR prepeg substrate.