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Christian education philosophy essay

christian education philosophy essay

In terms of my own leading and teaching of Christian education, my focus will be through the use of Christ-centered music as I direct the worship and praise team for christian education philosophy essay my church congregation; I will also teach and. Paul in first Corinthians one lived as a teacher in Christ and therefore was able to tell his charges, Be ye followers of me, even as I am also of Christ. The youth wants direction, but he wants to be able to accept it as his own. In Proverbs 11: 14, He clearly establishes the importance of guided decision making. They understand that there are consequences for their wayward behavior and academic shortcomings, but they understand that these consequences are in place in order to help them grow and develop, not merely punishment for punishments sake. . I am setting up the major stages according to current grade divisions. Primary grades (kindergarten - grade 3).

Philosophy of Christian Education Free Essays

The Christian lives in a world of men who are not dedicated to these purposes. As leaders we are commanded by God to feed his sheep. Christian philosophy of education. Because he is religious, he is rational, that is he can know the truth and commit himself. Learning programs begin with a desired competency, and then breaks this competency into small christian education philosophy essay steps of learning. The Christian school can provide a learning process which is distinctive because it accepts divine ordinances for child development as we observe them in life in the light of the Scriptures.

A philosophy is simply a statement of purposes or relationships to be attained, or of the reasons or motives for activities or goals. These goals use the multiple social sciences theories on learning, and how people grow in their Christian faith; my beliefs and opinions on how to lead and teach in Christian education are also expressed, as I state the need to incorporate. Skills as writing and number work should be given a social or community setting for the same reason. Understanding of the proper care and development of human resources: health, recreation, etc. 23 Putting this into practice in the library starts by making available materials which present a variety perspectives. It is what we come to love in the understanding to which we commit ourselves in our hearts. It is precisely the cultural task which makes it a school in the current sense of that term. The physical resources of the individual must be cultivated and developed in the full knowledge of the fact that man's physical structure was created through God's design and care. He proposed the structuring of subjects, allowing them to be arranged in a way to aid in students learning; this structure is facilitated by the three components of presentation, economy, and power. The Body The Learner. In teaching we guide (inspire, instruct, and discipline) the whole-person-in-life to know (understand, love, and accept) the truth as it comes to him in the self-revelation of God in Christ in the inscripturated Word and in the cultural. As major commitments are made, there is less need for firmness, but the degree of maturity of the young person will determine how firm guidance should.

Christian Philosophy of Education (Philosophy Essay Sample)

We are created in the image of God, christian education philosophy essay and therefore have the ability to think creatively. His desires for expression and satisfaction are qualified by his need for security in the fellowship of love. Language: comprehension, appreciation, and expression. Senior high school grades. 9, perhaps even more importantly, we must teach our students to do the same or we risk implying that knowledge and faith can be mutually exclusive and cannot be integrated. These systems are used today, found in textbooks as well as some forms of Christian school curriculum (the Accelerated Christian Education). Even the more mature adolescent appreciates a firm hand by the teacher and the administrator, for the young folks themselves understand best the wild outburst of their immature associates. As teachers of Christian education we should seek to emulate Christ as we facilitate learning. Here too the development of the person in his knowing-life must be understood in organic relationship to the physiological and social-emotional dimensions of the developing personality. It is not knowledge and skill that determine the maturity of the person as much as his capacity to love. Core Value 4: The Importance of Teachers.

In most secular educational philosophies, man is viewed as christian education philosophy essay good and getting better. No one can qualify as assistant to Christian parents in the Christian nurture of their children who is not committed in his whole person to the "new obedience." This qualification is primary. In love the whole-person gives himself without asking in return. Obedience is the great objective. He is a child-with-a-history. We will write a custom essay sample. Co-curricular program within the schedule for the day to provide opportunity for exploration and expression of a more informal, student-initiated nature than classroom study permits. Core Value 5: Nurture in the Christian School. Sociologists have described the family as the first agent of socialization and therefore parents are the first educators.

Philosophy of Christian Education Essay

According to Michael Anthonys book, Christian Education, the philosophical foundations of Christian education are derived from systematic theology, which in turn emerges from biblical theology (26). The Christian teacher is a person committed to a life of faithful service to God in Christ, and to man for God's sake. Knowledges and understandings of the information and facts necessary for proper perspective in the solution of problems. Firstly, the objective content of truth directs us to the objective methods of teaching. Parents are assigned the task to "train up" their children, "bring them up and teach them the commandments of God. Unless we know God we cannot know anything correctly. The third and final fundamental area of life, what we do, involves the behavioral theory of learning. Only parental neglect or incompetence may cause us to set aside this divine ordinance. God made a covenant with Adarn. This does not place the stamp of approval upon our present graded system but merely recognizes its existence as a basis for operation. A child must be viewed in his unity, in his wholeness. 3, for Christians, Ultimate Knowledge and Ultimate Truth resides in Gods Word and in thefact that Absolute and Universal Truth became flesh among us (Hebrews 1:1). Philosophy of Christian Education specifically for you for only.90/page, order Now, it is a lifelong process, beginning when we reach an age of awareness and ability to learn, and does not end until we reach our physical deaths.

It is the love of the teacher for the child that burns into the hearts of youth to kindle the fire of love in his life. Each individual will contribute, if able, to the meal every week; this will allow for great fellowship and people becoming more familiar and friendly with one another. The redeemed, they who accept Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, are one in Him, who is the Head of the new covenant. In life we view the child in three dimensions or in a three-fold magnitude. God is the source of all truth, so why fear a question that arises from studying His truth? And he took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance. They must understand that there are no secular/sacred dichotomies. However, unrestrained christian education philosophy essay expression results in insecurity in the social-emotional dimension of his personality, as much and more than undue restraint. However, anyone over the age of 18 will be welcomed.

Christian Philosophy of Education Essay Example Graduateway

Any educational philosophy that removes Special Revelation as a base component leaves out the foundation for which all other knowledge must be based. The love of God in Christ Jesus established in the new life implanted by the Sp i rit enables the child of God to exercise the "new obedience." The Christian school authoritatively presents the truth that equips the covenant-child to express. Public confession in church may or may not indicate a full commitment in the ego. Cognitive learning was also found in Gestalt psychology, which is the view that learning takes place best when people see the relationship or pattern of one element to another. Rather, like Jesus, we should take the time to adapt the way we teach to the situation, the concept, and the audience. Teaching is one of the foremost gifts of the Holy Spirit. The person who exhibits an ostrich-type faith, that is, one who simply responds to legitimate questions with a condescending Because is never ready to truly define their epistemological base.

Essay on Philosophy of Christian Education - 1357 Words

He must be taught to exert every effort to "make his calling and election sure and at the same time work and witness in a world of men who are christian education philosophy essay hostile or indifferent to God's revelation,. God comes to be known to the pupil in his dealing with his people. He thus comes to know the truth, love it in the understanding, master it, and accept it in his heart. The individual must be brought, by every desirable means, to the fullest development of all his potentialities. I will also teach individuals attending small group meetings each week, leading them with the use of, and emphasis on, Gods word. Deuteronomy 6:25 provides a Biblical response to the question of subjectivity. He has the academic and professional learning necessary to carry on his task.

An educational philosophy that christian education philosophy essay is biblically informed provides stability in the midst of the never-ending changes in our society. At the foundation of Christian education is iblical studies and theology, but it also seeks to integrate them with knowledge that is gleaned from the social sciences of education, sociology, and psychology (Anthony 13). Love is the motive. These characteristics, which collectively may be called personality, made man once capable of walking and talking with God and of ruling His creation as overseer. We need a better understanding of our task and a vigorous and consistent implementation of our understanding in the classroom. All these men were under the supervision of their fathers for the music of the temple of the Lord, with cymbals, lyres, and harps, for the ministry at the house of God (1 Chr. The school, as we saw, has a special task to perform in this respect.

This, that as a school it seeks to give the "new obedience" relevance to the total life of the child. Here we have the key to a child's educability. Wolfgang Kohler, through his experiments with chimpanzees, demonstrated learning by insight, while behaviorist. It is especially in the knowing-life that he is capable of great differentiation and corresponding integration. Scripture is not afraid of the hard, academic questions, but many teach as if they must fear any questioning that arises outside of their established curriculum. He makes decisions and acts upon them. What are the stages of schooling? At the very center of his service stands worship which is personal fellowship with God. What is the Christian school? By singing songs with words that come from the Bible, they will become familiar with verses that are God-breathed, making it a strong foundation for Christian education. In christian education philosophy essay the classroom, too. Reading should provide the pupil an approach to people and to living things. Teachers should be assigned according to these areas that they can organize each area meaningfully in the child's life.

Philosophy of Christian Education Essays

In the I, the spirit, we understand him as a religious being whose greatest need is acceptance of and commitment or surrender to God his Creator. We are only obedient laborers in the vineyard of our Lord. Job 12:23, He increases the nations, and destroys them: He enlarges them and then straightens them again In Language Arts there are Biblical principles and scriptures to also support each strand namely, Reading, writing, listening and speaking. The only constants in our world are God and Scripture. He is free, that is he can choose from within his person. Christian education is education of the religious man. It is particularly among our covenant youth who have been brought up "in the faith" in home and school that we may observe major conflicts and tensions. Second, it must seek to re-organize, re-integrate, and re-energize or re-direct the warped personality.

Our Christian high schools have many such young people today. In this case the promise of God and the obligation that promise brings with it constitute these parts. In terms of taking risks, they are not afraid of ridicule from their teacher because their teacher demonstrates love and charity when they fail or are hesitant. This does not necessarily mean our teaching must always include the use of literary devices. Acquisition of the skills of communication: speech, reading, writing, number, intellectual curiosity.

A Christian Philosophy Of Education Religion Essay

He is responsible, that is he acknowledges accountability with reference to others, above all to God. I feel there is no need to limit myself to one specific theory or belief, but to acknowledge the various ideas that have been put forward by these prominent thinkers, and use them in my own teaching; people are different. We dont always have the right answers. And this thrust has its directive in the Word of God as interpreted in our Reformed Standards. The child is still largely affected by persons rather than events. As task and as process Christian education operates in the structure of love, faith, and obedience. Without adequate reading and comprehension skills, believers are left with one less means by which to discover who God.

In college I was taught to do everything to avoid teaching Christ in the classroom. Man has powers of volition and restraint. I have also made minor updates and edits since I originally wrote it in order to further clarify some of my thoughts. It, Holy Writ, is not part of the cultural product. The school seeks to develop awareness of those areas and of the individual's capacity to serve. He taught us to love one another, give forgiveness to our enemies, to teach through gentleness and understanding, as well as giving us the Fruits of the Spirit; But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness. Piaget believed that intelligence is not something given to people, and that understanding is structured by them; Bruner also proposed subjects are to be organized and structured, determining the primary principles and their relation to one another. Skinner used pigeons in his research, placing them in observation cages; when they behaved desirably, he reinforced that behavior with food, and was able to teach them through providing reinforcing stimuli for the desirable behavior. Hence, citizenship in the new-found group consciousness is of primary importance. He further argues that the Bible is both the foundation upon which ideas are presented and the filter through which they are explored.

The knowing-life can function freely only when the I is secure in his social-emotional-life and enjoys reasonable comfort in his physiological-life. This is similar to how we are recognized by both our first and last names. In prayer we speak to God and seek his fellowship. To see the endnotes, check the pdf version. The personal loyalty of the child to the teacher is strong. In Bible the work should be concentrated in the study of Bible truths as the self-revelation of God in their meaning for life. In fact, He holds the title of Master Teacher.

Library media center policy. Natural sciences and mathematics. Upon the request of the Education Committee of the National Union of Christian Schools, Professors. The school has come to occupy a most strategic place in the education of youth. We are all covenant breakers in that we "fall short of the glory of God." But in Christ God has established a new covenant. They were no longer scared of mean librarians who withheld their homework because they literally didnt have a dime. Not only is man fearfully and wonderfully made, but he possesses an indestructible link with eternity, the soul, which gives him distinctive characteristics which forever separate man from the animal world. The schooling on this level is still an extension of the home and the teacher is function in loco parentis as skilled professionals in their respective teaching areas to lead young people to maturity. It is in his soul-life in relationship to his physiological life that we understand the child in his thinking, feeling, willing, purposing, and the like. In classical conditioning, responses are involuntary and elicited by specific stimuli. A librarian in a Christian school is likely not subject to such laws, but may feel like she is violating professional ethics if she allows parental access to circulation records. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1984. Pavlov, Thorndike, and Skinner all used behavioral theories of learning, expounding on certain principles and ideas that are useful in teaching for educators.

Philosophy of Christian Education - Librarian Lisa

As we continue to impact lives and facilitate transformation, growth and development. In order to attain these objectives the work of Christian education is to develop the pupil in knowledge and understanding, in moral insight and action, and in reference to God and in true spiritual living. But when he feels the undergirding arm of love, the life of another opening himself to him, parent and teacher as mature persons, he can normally weather the storm and come to accept life. Education is Christian when as task and as process it directs the child as religious being to his Creator. Finally it is important to always remember that we touch the future because we teach. Establishment of Responsible Civic and Social Behavior:. Theirs is the responsibility and theirs only. The cognitive/moral reasoning approach that Jean Piaget proposed is a process that accompanies cognitive/intellectual development, where higher levels of authority make moral decisions, concluding that morality results from knowledge; the fourth and last approach of moral potential was campaigned. Such re-adjustment may be described as a maturing process, through which the individual becomes increasingly more competent and able to fulfill the obligations and challenges of service in God's kingdom.

As they in their development-urge come to express themselves in this structure, they grow in the "new obedience." They learn to give expression to their heavenly citizenship. It is not easy to separate the practices of the world from worldly purposes, but the Christian has not only the right, but the duty to select even from secular sources appropriate practices, and turn them to the Master's use. The I as life-principle christian education philosophy essay organically united in the psycho-physiological externalizes the person in the three dimensions of his personality. Another way in which Christian educators can nurture our students is by practicing grace in the classroom. The student must be taught to think independently, even from an early age. A distinctive learning process.

De Beer and. Parents have neither the time nor generally the qualifications to lead children to maturity in the complexity of modern life. The school is no exception. It is not in knowledge and skill that we fail most in achieving effective Christian living, but in the exercise of love. Through the use of biblical materials, this program and philosophy also has a solid foundation for education. Vander Ark, published. Students are required to pay ten cents per page when they print from the computer. Firm, understanding guidance is necessary to avoid inner tensions in a child's life.

christian education philosophy essay

Toward a Philosophy of Christian Education

They delegate that part of their task to the school which they can in modern times not effectively discharge themselves. The implementation of these principles may be difficult because of other factors. Willingness to assume responsibility for wholesome relationships with others: at home, in school, in recreation, in governmental activities, in social relationships. Emotional development involves re-adjustment, first to God, then to the learner himself by an understanding of his actual nature, and finally to the environment or culture of which the pupil is a part. 10, this kind of critical thinking is a Biblical imperative. When people worship and celebrate God, those feelings are released, which then leads to them wanting to grow even closer in their relationship with Him; one goal from this experience is for them to bring others to church, becoming. Introduction: christian education philosophy essay Upon examination of Jesus life and ministry here on earth, I find it to be very fascinating that He successfully engaged in a plethora of professional fields; including that of teaching. Christian Education which is truly genuine begins, proceeds and ends with the concept of divine revelation. If feasible a teacher should remain with a class for at least two years. The obligation is the life of the "new obedience, namely, that we cleave to this one God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; that we trust in him, and love him with all our heart, with all. The Curriculum Additionally, it is my belief that the Bible forms the very core of the Christian Education curriculum. While I intend to use the social sciences and psychological theories of learning in my teaching, I know that the ultimate teacher is Jesus Christ. The Great Commission is found in Mathew 28:19, Jesus gave His disciples direct instructions to go and teach all nations, make disciples, teach them to obey all the commandments that were given unto them.

But this is not education, but regeneration. The authors do not claim these statements to be comprehensive. Foundations of Christian school education (pp. With this in mind, I believe that the cognitive theory of learning will be helpful, as I intend to aid my students in thinking through issues and discussions that will be presented. They will be able to both know and feel the non-judgmental attitude of the group itself, as they get to know one another more as well. At times he is prompted to break through the wall that has been built about him in the psycho-somatic. This was frowned upon as being indoctrination and so, in the schools I have worked before, all that is done to fulfill the mandate is devotional exercise and even then, children are not mandated to attend. In the Bible, Jesus says, Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth (John. He dwells in darkness. Classical conditioning in classrooms focuses on involuntary behaviors that are outside conscious control (Anthony 102). Thorndike (Connectionism and. Teachers should be assigned to facilitate correlation and integration of areas. 12, core Value 3: The Importance of Parents.

For example, the child begins to vocalize, which is christian education philosophy essay largely an undifferentiated activity in his development-urge. In the process, it may borrow-freely from whatever source is available, always testing the goal, the method and the results against the framework of a God-centered view of life. Faith is the chart. For the contemporary service, Sunday mornings at my church will begin and end in worship, with the people singing and praising God. What is the worldviews that must be espoused in a Christian philosophy of education? While specific theories of learning do not translate directly into principles of teaching, they provide maps and compasses to aid the inexperienced teacher-traveler in charting the course to learning success (Anthony 101). However, the child's knowing-life cannot be lifted out of the unity of his personality for the educational task in the school. Effective curriculum is guided by Biblical principles and curriculum content and experiences should be chosenwith consideration given to the relation of the Bible to the discipline.