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Spanish influenza essay

spanish influenza essay

American doctors were seeing the devastating effects of the flu for the very first time. The total was about 675,000 people who died of influenza due to complications. Laws made to force people to wear masks as well as bans on spitting were put into place. This contagious virus is a very dangerous respiratory infection and spanish influenza essay which often ended in Pneumonia (Turkington, C; Ashby, B). Now, all over the world, the virus had gone through roughly the same number of passages through humans (Gloria). Influenza is a unique respiratory viral disease infecting the whole respiratory tract-namely, the nose, sinuses, the throat, lungs, and even the middle ear. The flu was destroying family and community life. Army begins to feel worn down, his body racked with coughing fits, not from war, but from something much deadlier and unseen. By spring 1918, forty eight soldiers were dead. However, the military was asking for more soldiers, and a quick decision needed to be made by the superiors. Dozens of ships laced with influenza came into American ports but with the exception of an isolated outbreak in Fort Morgan, Alabama, which was diagnosed as the usual flu, nothing happened.

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For instance, studies found that during the Influenza Pandemic of 19 the adult death rate was a significant factor of unsuccessful businesses. The, spanish, flu of 1918-19 affected our world like no other disease in history. Outbreak and Geographical Spread. The Red Cross even called on those with no nursing experience to volunteer because they knew that 1,500 nurses was still not enough. This definitely was not conducive spanish influenza essay for soldiers to stay healthy or get well.

Pneumonia is an inflammation of the spanish influenza essay lungs with consolidation. Researchers had observed medical forecasts and developed vaccines (Galvin). Thousands more in Germany, Copenhagen, Switzerland, and the rest of Europe were ill with the disease. m, ml (accessed May 13, 2019). In rare cases, the virus can also trigger an overreaction of the immune system, kind of like an allergic response, which causes massive damage to the lungs. It was the perfect way to spread the flu. This is not an example of the work produced by our. The only aspect of the flu that was remarkable was the condition of the lungs from the victims who had died from the flu and pneumonia (Crosby 17-21). Visit m to see how we can help you! By November, two months after the pandemic hit the United States, the usphs began to report that the Spanish flu cases were on the decline. These are the tell-tale signs of the pandemic that is known as the.

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But there was still a shortage of medical personnel, particularly nurses. Blood poured from noses, ears, eye sockets; some victims lay in agony; delirium took others away while living (Gloria). Seek to make nature your ally not your prisoner. Spanish flus distinct W shaped curve. As a result hundreds of people walked together in parades exposing themselves, by gathering together and breathing on each other, they were infecting each other. The, spanish, flu got its name from newspaper reports of that period. Spanish flu, because it received the most press there.

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"1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic." m 20th Century History. The most deadly pandemic waves of influenza within 1 year occurred in rapid sequence. Before long, Philadelphia was contaminated and it all happened in a matter of minutes. Immigrants were especially susceptible to the Spanish flu and, in Philadelphia, many of the immigrants lived in overcrowded slums. At the same time, soldiers were also exposed to outbreaks of measles, especially due to the fact that it was bitterly cold during the winter months of 1918. In addition, lets not forget that pandemic outbreak was also complemented by World War. Another serious issue that affected patients was the fatal inflammation spanish influenza essay of the respiratory tracts.

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In contrast to the first wave, the symptoms in the second wave were intensely painful and deaths greatly increased. Spanish flu was prevalent from New Hampshire to Virginia and there were scattered cases throughout the United States. The citizens of the United States could have built up immunity or the United States could have been better prepared in response to the outbreak. Spanish claimed it came from France. At the time, science wasnt advanced enough to study the virus, much less find a cure; medical personnel were helpless when it came to fighting the disease, and so the flu went on to infect millions. 1942 Words 8 spanish influenza essay Pages, the 1918 Flu Pandemic, abstract.

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Lieutenant Junior Grade. By October 1st, when the Surgeon General made the request for more nurses, the Red Cross was on its way to filling. Help by choosing and chewing your food well, Wash your hands before eating, Dont let the waste products of digestion accumulate, avoid tight clothes, tight gloves. Yet, in 1918 the percent rate in children 5-15 of age group increased to 25 of influenza cases (Taubenberger, Jefferey. While normal human flu tends to kill off people who are either very young or very old, the. While these treatments sounded reckless, many people had no doctor to go to at all. Some patients and physicians claimed the treatment worked. Because of their negligence the countries involved in the war didnt take the proper precautions against the flu, leading to the devastation of the second wave. In contrast to common flu victims, who are often very young or old, ards occurs most often in relatively young people with strong immune systems.

The spring epidemic is not even mentioned in the index of the 1918 volumes of The Journal of the American Medical Association. There are two major categories of the influenza virus: A and. All of a sudden American soldiers, English soldiers, French, and German, became sick. The poor living conditions and the agglomeration of many soldiers contributed to the quick spread of this disease. History and Origin of the Disease. The government was putting all the money toward the war which caused a lack of healthcare. More people died from the flu than from the war. More people, both laymen and medical professionals, thought the war was more interesting. Some historians have written that the influenza pandemic crisis negatively affected the negotiations when President Wilson met with world leaders for a peace treaty at the end of the war. Spanish flu so the fullest information about influenza was broadcast nationwide, setting the stage for panic, confusion, and unhelpful home remedies. Retrieved 04:12, May 13, 2019, from. Finding new solutions and preventives measures should have been their medical fields priority but they spanish influenza essay responded late, ending it in one of the worst pandemics in our history. Many physicians gave it for influenza with no better reasoning than desperation.

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His discovery, Pfeiffers spanish influenza essay show more content, the first wave of the 1918 pandemic appeared in San Sebastián, Spain. In some states public health officials made it mandatory to wear masks. It was like the microbe mutated and spread in a matter of days. It was easy to spread the flu in tenements with no porches and little ventilation. The main reason for the spread of this disease is considered to be World War. The Rockefeller Institute employed researchers from all over the world.