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Essay on importance of happiness in life

essay on importance of happiness in life

Some people search out pleasure from their wealth, material possessions and social hierarchies while others believe that happiness is a treasure, which could be only possessed from companionship. In this age of material advancement money means everything for many people. Enjoying with friends, going on a vacation, clearing examination, new job, marriage, childbirth are some other examples of happiness at different stages of life. Firstly, investing in personal relationships can give a broad (long) way to boost up peoples level of happiness. It is usually rare to find a happy person who does not have a pleasant family. However, there are some common things that are regarded important to be delighted in life. You should write at least 250 words.

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Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. On the other hand, there are several factors that are important in achieving happiness. In my case, happiness is when I am taking my time out of a hectic routine to spend a quality time along with my family. By Shraddha Khanwalkar Rating.27 (13 Votes). Someone has"d: If you play with your brain, the brain will play with you. It is often said that being happy with an empty stomach is not possible. Essay on Happiness ends here but you can try. First of all, physical and psychological soundness is very important to be happy and people can truly realise that when they get sick. For instance, spending even a fraction of time from a whole day with your children while doing some share activities could help to build up an immense mutual understanding as well as an inner satisfaction in them, which. However, there can be an exception such as some children feel that chocolate and ice-cream are disgusting. In my opinion, the factors that provide happiness are sound health, good financial position and satisfactory social and family relations. These addictions make the person vulnerable to various diseases such as liver cirrhosis, lungs diseases and increases sufferings both physically and economically.

First of all, happiness can be interpreted in different ways. To conclude, happiness is a foremost essential part of our lives and we delineate this emotion by linking it with our surrounding environment and various stimulating factors. However, there are some vital factors that are commonly regarded as the main ingredients to be happy in life. Most importantly, being contented in life is the key to being happy. All of us would like to be happy in many ways in this life: to be healthy and wealthy, have a family and children, be successful in career, have good friends and live a long and interesting life. But this is only a delusion. Essay on Honesty is the Best Policy. For example, a man who is suffering from severe headache may rarely seem happy. However, it could be a part of ielts or any job test. However, I do understand that some people may not agree with this opinion. Mostly people linked happiness with wealth and material success or emotions and charming personal relationship. If we ask a happy man how he feels, he may not be able to make us understand.

Essay on, happiness

There are many ways to achieve happiness. In some other cases, it seems that the people are biologically predisposed to pessimism. Model Answer 1: Everybody desires to be happy in life and interestingly the requirements to be cheerful vary from person to person. Moreover, these days, the financial position of a person has a bearing on his happiness. Rich people generally feel envious of the poor essay on importance of happiness in life who have nothing to lose and enjoy sound sleep. Mingling with friends, sharing joy and worries would be another best way to reduce pain and increase happiness. Sample Answer 2: It is true that happiness is a prerequisite to peoples quality of life, although an actual definition of happiness seems to be difficult to describe, there are various factors which considered being crucial in acquiring happiness. Happiness is considered very important in life. The practical world is quite puzzling and the humankind wants more than they have. Happiness is not a thing to touch but a thing to feel. A poor man may enjoy good health but he may have nothing to feed his starving children. Happiness Essay is not very important with the point of view of exams like matric, FA. Happiness is considered important in life.

For education, entertainment, medicine, and all the requirements in day-to-day life, one needs money; in fact a lot. The reason for this is that happiness means different thing to different people. While for some people, it might be their job or a career which brings them a sense of fulfilment. At the same time, for others, personal belongings are paramount of a serene life. The reason may be that the factors providing happiness vary from person to person.

Ielts Writing Task 2 Sample 293

They spend all their lives in pursuit of financial success and material boons are very significant for them. To take an example of a web designer, Richard Jackson, who believes that the key element for a pleasurable life is a close relationship. But it is not true and I strongly believe that people underestimate the value of everyday happiness they have living their lives. Firstly, I assume that money could be the most eminent resource that may bring the smile to anyones face. Secondly, a prestigious line of work could help to raise peoples contentment by allowing them to have ample amount essay on importance of happiness in life of wages. Someone without personal freedom cannot feel the happiness. This essay will address to define the happiness and what are the factors that are important to achieve happiness. For instance, in Asian cultures, the main factors which influence the felicity of its peoples are a big family, care and respect for elders, following the traditions of their ancestors, religion and harmony with nature and others, material things are less important. In terms of delineating happiness, it would be intractable, as the meaning varies from person to person. Happiness broadly relates to the psychological well-being of an individual. A rich man can not buy happiness with money.

Additionally, other people may conquer this positive emotion by owning a mansion or driving an expensive car or having high social status. According to many investigations in this sphere, Europeans are very concerned about money, high social status in society, good job and education. In conclusion, though there is no easy and precise definition of happiness, common attributes like sound health, caring family, freedom and personal contentment are regarded to be key ingredients to be happy in life. In this case, it can be said that there are different definitions of happiness in every stages of age. He has to remain vigilant all the times. For example, a supportive and caring family provides someone an utmost happiness and peace that could not be achieved by the lonely essay on importance of happiness in life one. To conclude I would like to say that we are happy only by one great reason, that is our birth into this beautiful and wonderful world, full of many opportunities and chances to believe in happiness. Happiness is something that we all desire, but not many achieve. I believe, even if the happiness is a relative term, the path of achieving it is common for all. A rich man is not necessarily a happy man. All of our efforts are directed to achieve this goal. On the whole, the best way to achieve happiness is satisfied all the things are gifted. While someone dreams that his economic freedom would make him happy, a very rich man dreams about having a caring family to be happy.

Happiness is considered very important

This is essay on importance of happiness in life because happiness is not an apple that we can peel and cut. So it is clear that well-balanced physique and psyche are a prerequisite for happiness. Happiness is the chief end of mans life in this world. It is only a life of simplicity and contentment which can bestow happiness. Everybody likes to be as happy as possible. This spoils his freedom and peace of mind.

On the whole, it seems that the criteria for achieving happiness are different for different people. On the contrary, many poor families, mostly in poor countries, find more children to be their burden. Only this much can be said that a happy man is he who is perfectly satisfied with his life and seems to be enjoying everything. To sum up, due to a nature of happiness it is not that easy to describe it in one specific sentence. Practising yoga and meditation will keep your soul satisfied and calm. This not only improves fitness but also gives a sense of well-being. Economic freedom - ability to fulfil the needs in life, is the second most important factor to be happy, in my opinion. Secondly, some happiness could not be traded-off with high salaries such as, having loving families or raise a child to be a good citizen or holding a top position at school or colleges. It is a common misconception that absence of physical ailments makes us healthy and undermining the importance of mental and psychological aspects of health. There are many reasons to think that full happiness is impossible to achieve and moreover it is non-existent in reality. As it can be seen the criteria of happiness are rather wide and varied for millions of people, but nevertheless many things are very similar.

Essay on Happiness is here for students of Class 10, class 12, graduation and other classes. However, apparently, there are several contributing factors of happiness, by which people may incur exalted satisfactions and psychological forbearances. It seems to me that main factors in gaining happiness are support from your family and friends, harmony with yourself and surrounding world, good health and. So, you can find contentment in living a simple life. For instance, children feel happiness when they get an ice-cream or chocolate; teenagers feel happiness when they have a game device on hand; adults feel happiness when they have a good relationship and wealthy life; elderly people feel happiness. As everybody knows, it is only money that can make things done in the modern world. Firstly, it is impossible for many of the people to be happy if they are not physically and mentally well. As for western civilisation, the situation is quite different and essential factors in happiness attainment are rather material than spiritual. He can buy all the facilities of life and can enjoy all the comforts and luxuries. There are a number of factors which play an important part in making us happy or unhappy. Defining happiness is quite challenging because the requirements to achieve it is not fixed. It is also different for an individual.

Many times it so happens that a rich man fed up with his life and commits suicide. According to me, happiness is finding Inner peace. So we should have a positive attitude towards life to achieve happiness. As a matter of fact, wealth and happiness seldom go hand in hand. Individual freedom is also considered a great influence to be happy in life. Happiness Essay for Class 10, Class 12, Graduation and Other Classes. Regular physical exercises can help to gain happiness. Similarly, a couple who do not have any child think about having a baby all the time and would be ready to do anything for that. In spite of that nobody is really and perfectly happy in this world. By, fatima Chowdhury, sample Answer 4: People were always in search of happiness since ancient times and still many of us are trying to find it throughout the whole life. Avoidance of addictions such as alcohol, cigarette, and other psychotropic drug are required for leading a happy life. When wealth comes essay on importance of happiness in life to a man, it brings new worries and difficulties for him.

Essay topics: Topic: Happiness is considered very important in life?

You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience. First of all, happiness may tend to have a definition that varies from several opinions of scholars. Our happiness depends so much on circumstances beyond our control that it is not possible for any man on earth to be perfectly happy. Real happiness comes out of contentment and peace of mind. The majorities start their families and have children in their early thirties after having done some progress in the career field. Thus every person defines happiness to his character and liking. Essay about family role in society Human society is quite a complex thing and family is an important unit. This concept helps to build a structure of society, divide.

Essay, on, Happiness, in, life, Can Money Buy, happiness

This change meant that the question of whether the military should have been able to prevent the attacks came to be widely regarded as less important than it had seemed before. According to people in Venice, this was when Attas relationship to Keller was about to end. The FBI special agent in charge dispatched a team of 50 agents to investigate the Dulles hijacking and provide additional security to prevent another. Accepting the negative phases of life and searching happiness in every moment would be the best strategy to remain happy. They then developed their own theory, saying: Although the less dense items, including the shell of the plane, essentially disintegrated upon impact, the impact created a hole through which the heavier, denser items could continue forward into the building. Its sole reference for its claim was: Eddie Shalev interview (Apr. "Charlie Rose Jennifer Harbury Robert Torricelli / David Foster Wallace". Oral History: Firefighter Edward Cachia,. Happiness is said to improve physical health. In 2006, Newsday would publish a story by Michael Dorman, entitled Unraveling 9-11 was in the Bags, which elevated the importance of this discovery even further. After getting to the 8th floor everything was dark. The two ABC shows even contained Minetas account. Referring to the North Tower, nists Final Repor t said: As far as assessments related to the structural stability of the building were concerned, the WTC 1 Command Post knew that significant damage had been done to the building.

essay on importance of happiness in life

But the 9/11 Commission simply said that it began at 9:25. Before we even got to the 14th Street Bridge, the Pentagon was hit, he said. This interview can be seen at Controlled Demolition Expert and WTC7 ( m/watch? Rice, however, first went with Clarke to the White Houses Video Teleconferencing Center, where Clarke was to set up a video conference, which, Clarkes statements suggest, began at about 9:10. We also saw in Chapter 5 that Major General Mike Haugen, the adjutant general of the North Dakota National Guard, said that right after the attack on the Pentagon, the Langley pilots were told by the Secret Service. You thought it was just blowing out. I have a very important question. If she did not have a credit card, she could not have used a passenger-seat phone, whether to call collect or essay on importance of happiness in life me people have suggested that she reversed the charges because she had borrowed someone elses credit card.

Happiness is considered very important in life

First time uttering of word mama, brought kind of happiness that can be seen. Were there any such seatback satellite phones on any Boeing 757 before or on September 11, 2001 and if so, when were these phones ripped out? Everyone likes to be happy and people always love those who are happy. When the FBI issued its report on phone calls in 2006, it also implied that hundreds of stories in the press had been wrong. Although the strike zone was in Wedge 1 of the Pentagon, Flight 77s reported trajectory was such that, by the time it reached the third of the Pentagons five rings (the C ring it would have been in Wedge. That this might indeed be the case is suggested by the fact that, at the same time White House spokespersons were giving their revisionist account of Bushs behavior, they were also claiming that the presidential party had been fearful of an attack. "A Menu of Familiar Signposts and a essay on importance of happiness in life One-Woman Opera". Home English Essays Essay on Happiness True Happiness in Life. So although the accounts of Rice and Clarke differed somewhat, they agreed that Mineta went down to the peoc quite early and that Cheney was already there. Home Essay Writing Importance Of Happiness In Life. They had open lines after the World Trade Center wasat which point Cheney stopped himself before finishing the sentence. Problem Rocker was a victim of e word affected. It is also different for an individual.