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Representation of gender in the media essay

representation of gender in the media essay

On the other hand, the strong representation of gender in the media essay silent type portrays a decisive man who is always in control (Rowe 2011,. From a simple understanding, masculinity is associated with hard, tough and sweaty issues while feminine objects appear fragrant, fragile and soft. It denies them a chance to compete with men, and make them think they can only rely on their sexuality. The big shot denotes a professionally, socially and economically stable man, in possession of societal dreams like wealth and power. However, the male gaze or its elements still persist because female sexuality is still intentionally emphasized in the contemporary mass media. In media training colleges, the number of females is slightly above that of males. In other words, representation of men and women through the media may not necessarily reflect the identity of an entire generation or society (Bennett 2005,. Similarly to women, they were discriminated and often misrepresented by mass media. The costs of productions of movies with male characters as the leading actor have a higher production budget than those with a female.

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Nevertheless, representation of gender in media is a debatable issue that continues to affect the society today. We will write a custom assessment sample on Representation of gender in media specifically for you for only.05 11/page Learn more In the understanding of media representation, it is worth noting that there are several objects, which are. Similarly, stereotypes affect the manner in which people perceive life. Accordingly, women are rarely featured, with stereotypes taking center stage among a few that are considered. They performed secondary part in the life of the society and media revealed their inferior, secondary position in the society. News content does not help matters either. This investigation will look at previous studies and reports carried out by researchers to discover why different genders receive different media attention in sport, and to see whether this has an adverse effect on other issues such as participation. These media representations serve to paint the society in its real form, and so the media has to conform to ensue the audience identify with them. But, in the course of time, the trend to the wider representation of sexual minorities in mass media has grown stronger and today they comprise a part of the general media coverage in terms of gender relations and sexuality. Media representation, what is media representation?

Are men exempted from negative representation? Consequently this can have negative effects on an individual 's confidence and mentality, in particular to young men and women who see those portrayed in the media as their role models. In the past, women were traditionally discriminated by the male-dominated representation of gender in the media essay society. The joker presents men as people who lack seriousness, while the jock fights in life and finds approval in the eyes of men. In order to achieve these extreme and unattainable standards, most women resort to unhealthy eating habits like induced vomiting, skipping meals or even opting for diet aids (Creeber Martin 2009,. Women are still discriminated but such discrimination is not so obvious and strong as it used to be in the past. It has to be mentioned that groups of people who are prone to being stereotyped usually have minimum or no influence in determining their representation. Due to this assumption, most people end up making modality judgments towards various representations through the media. In fact, this trend persists today as well. This representation has far-reaching implications on the society, as boys and men assimilate what that they consume from the media into their daily lives. In defining media representation, the end products are also considered through the construction of ones identity.

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Cashmore, E 2006, Celebrity/Culture, Routledge, London. The term 'mass media ' is generally used in relation to television, books, newspapers, advertisements, magazines and films. They treated as emotional instead of intellectual and people who create relationships in order to survive instead of being independent. Such representation may be written, spoken or expressed in moving pictures. The exposure of individuals to mass media from the early childhood leads to the formation of their worldview under the impact of mass media. It is viewed that economics representation of gender in the media essay of beauty play a major role. All these representations affect the manner in which the society perceives men, how men define their position in the society and how boys define masculinity (Whannel 2001,. Wenner, L 1998, Media Sport, Routledge, New York. Dworkin, S Heywood, L 2003, Built to win: The female athlete as cultural icon, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis.

Dines, G Humez, R 2010, Gender Race and Class in the Media, Routledge, London. In fact, stereotyping in media cannot be avoided and it is a common phenomenon in news, advertising and entertainment industries (Carrington 2010,. People tend to believe what they continuously see, and with time they take it as the normal way of life, the way things should. Researchers (Basile, 2004, 182) have developed the concept of male gaze in regard to mass media. Importantly, insecure women are more prone to acquiring these products as compared to those who are comfortable with their body images. At the same time, cultural norms and values promoted by mass media and imposed by them on people may not always be obvious as is the case of gender -related biases and stereotypes or views on sexuality. The emphasis of male characters isn 't the only difference in television as the roles each gender play are more often. Visit m to see how we can help you! We will write a custom assessment sample on Representation of gender in media specifically for you for only.05 11/page Learn more Media stereotyping Does media represent the true image of men and women? This also shows that men occupy those positions of power; making the females doubt their chances and the males think the positions only belong to them. Laughey, D 2009, Media Studies: Theories and approaches, Oldcastle Books, Harpenden.

This representation usually aims at giving that item feminine or masculine characteristics. We will write a custom assessment sample on Representation of gender in media specifically for you for only.05 11/page Learn more Popular female personalities appear to have peculiar features like extreme thinness, bleached skins and always becoming younger in spite of their advanced age. Chandler illustrates the over representation of male figures in television through various examples such as how men outnumber women.V. Male stereotypes in media are grouped into five classes as follows. Common objects represented with either a masculine or feminine-touch include but not limited to, smart phones, running shoes, bottled beer, an airline and a sports car. This negatively makes girls believe men are the only ones who can make news. Get help representation of gender in the media essay with your essay today from our professional essay writers! This is why female performers in media and films emphasized their sexuality. It is very common to find media adverts or articles influencing women to adopt certain beauty standards perceived to be more appealing and acceptable than their natural outlook even though some of the conditions may be unattainable (Hills Kennedy 2009,.

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TV, movies and magazines carry ads which imply that a womans body is supposed to be sexually active and attractive. In representation of gender in the media essay employment, most employees in the media such as radio and TV are male with the females occupying a lesser percentage. Men will also be in a position to treat women better if there is general message across the media that is empowering women. Additionally, adverts present men as powerful and masculine. Women and men representation in media Under normal circumstance, one would expect the media to represent men and women positively. Mass media have increased their attention to problems of women. Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays. Television is a key contributor to gender stereotyping in the mass media as it continues to maintain traditional gender roles through reflecting the central social values of society and subsequently reinforces the idea of such stereotypes being natural (Chandler.d). The impact of media on individuals is significant because individuals develop their ethic values, norms and standards of behaviour as well as their worldview through learning from their social environment and their social experience. Additionally, representations may become familiar and natural when they are used constantly.

Representation of role models As mentioned above, media plays a significant role in shaping our lives and understanding of what it means to be a man or woman. O the other hand, the society expects men to be more rigid and strong, both physically and intellectually, and this is how the media present them. This creates an impression that women should not be working. The discrimination and misrepresentation of women as weak objects with the explicit emphasis on their sexuality have started to disappear along with the rise of feminism. Think of advertising agents and women. Livingstone, S 2002, Young People and New Media, Sage, London. However, researchers affirm that most ads designed for men are common during sports shows.

For instance, an issue like gaze may consider how women look at images of women, men at women or even women at men (Bennett 2005,. Their voices are growing and reaching more people, both males and females. Young adults often feel under intense pressure to look and behave in certain ways based on those portrayed in the media and this essay will explore this. This is why it is possible to trace the evolution of those views through the analysis of films, representation of gender in the media essay for example, created in different time. Women in most sporting events. However, such gender representation is discriminatory.

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This therefore labels females as the soft ones, while the men as the tough ones. Moreover, some industries, like porn industry, still stand on the ground of male chauvinism. Traditionally, media had a considerable impact on the society and socialization of individuals. Representation of gender in media specifically for representation of gender in the media essay you for only.05 11/page, learn more, an important point to note is that all texts are always constructed irrespective of how realistic they may appear. Role models are supposed to influence the society positively. It was also declared the largest women's sporting event in history (Penner, 1999) every game was shown on television with 40 million.S viewers tuning in (Longman, 1999) and an estimated 1 billion watching world wide (Powers and Springer, 1999). Hills, L Kennedy, E 2009, Sport, Media and Society, Berg, Oxford. In most of the cases, men end up victorious in their leading roles in the productions. Gender and media representation, gender is arguably the basic element of identification commonly used to categorize human beings as men or women. Although it is never taken with a lot of emphasis, there is always need to interpret representations in order to appreciate the intended meaning. Above all, representation is unavoidable; it always exits even when we have no idea about its existence. The message should reflect the positive side of the societys expectations because with time, whatever is in the media today will start playing in real life. Media plays a great role in changing the world by affecting the way people perceive different aspects of our lives.

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As a result, they can increase their earnings and improve their social standing exploiting their sexuality. Rowe, D 1998, Global Media Sport: Flows, Forms and Futures, Bloomsbury, London. Moreover, Sanjay Newton insists that male view and male ideology dominates in mass media, including Disney films, while the objectification of women is a norm (Newton, 2007). Stereotyping is not a new term in the media industry especially with regard to how men and women are represented. The job roles that women get in the media industry are most of the time junior and offering support. Reference List Andrews, D Jackson, S 2001, Sport Stars: The Cultural Politics of Sporting Celebrity, Routledge, London.

Show More "The mass media perpetuates gender stereotypes and, in doing so, distorts our understanding of ourselves as individuals." - Discuss this statement. Lastly, the action hero man is angry and violent. There is evidence that the more expensive films to produce are more successful and so this favors the male-acted movies more. They are expected to show power and be independent in their thought and even in their actions and dont rely on others. In other words, human beings tend to obey the acceptable definition of man or woman by identifying themselves with certain elements. On the other hand, the emergence of feminism still contributed to the change of gender -related stereotypes and respective changes in the depiction of women by mass media. Do you like this essay? What is not known to many people is the fact that media stereotypes act as hints or codes, which help viewers, listeners or readers to figure out an individual or group of people, with regard to social class, occupation. The society castigates those who tend to be independent or exhibit their worth in other areas, and see them as deviant or dangerous for not meeting the societys expectations. As a result, individuals exposed to the impact of mass media from the early childhood acquire cultural norms and values promoted by mass media. This assessment essay focuses on the issue of gender representation in media, with regard to image, roles and stereotypes.

representation of gender in the media essay

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Feminism has opened the way to a different, non-male-dominated view on women. Get help with your essay today, from our professional essay writers! Creeber, G Martin, R 2009, Digital Cultures: Understanding New Media, Open University Press, Michigan. Conclusion From this assessment, it is clear that media plays an immense role in shaping human life, through information. In media production, whether television programs, film or music videos, females are presented in a demeaning manner from their dressing, roles and character. By approximately 4 to 1 and in regards to children 's cartoons men outnumber female character 10. Briggs, A Cobley, P 2002, The Media : An Introduction, Longman, Harlow. In conclusion, this investigation has uncovered the way in which women are shown in the media and the effects this can have on participation. Mass media contributed to the steady change of the public perception of gender roles and sexuality. They are to subordinate men and work toward supporting them and making their life comfortable. Introduction, it is amazing to note that some people spend more time feeding on media content than doing an assignment, exercising or even sleeping. Whether in a commercial advert or any representation, prominent people are usually used to define men and women in a different way. We will write a custom assessment sample.

Based on this element, each group identifies its members through similarities that are either inherent or borrowed from the surrounding in order to find a suitable and definitive description. More recent research into media representation into sport has. As the society dictates, media often present women as part of a team in their work and thoughts. Based, on this argument, representation of gender in the media essay media stereotypes have a significant impact on the society. No one can deny that role models do have impact on millions of people consuming media content (Andrews Jackson 2001,. Thus, the development of mass media mirrored changes that occurred in gender relations and perception of sexuality by the society.

According to media theorists, representation refers to any model in any medium that defines a real aspect, say, people, events, objects, places and cultural identities among countless abstract concepts. Feminism contributed to the representation of gender in the media essay change of the public image of women and stimulated the change of the role of women in the society. Nevertheless, the gender inequality and biased attitude to women still persists (Hardisty, 1999, 124). Most TV programs or films for example, will have men as the dominant characters and females only as supporting cast with minor roles. Is this how they are represented?

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For instance, women that did not match commonly accepted standards of female beauty, which were, by the way, grounded on the male view on women, could representation of gender in the media essay not find a job in the media industry or their career opportunities were. Magazines, movies and television emphasize the need for ladies to have a thin body, associating it with wealth, prosperity, love and a happy life. They change perceptions into realities, such that people may begin to actualize the image represented by the media. They take a passive rather than an active role and even as victims in whatever happens in the society. Almost every advert, whether for cars or food, carries the image of a woman (Cashmore 2006,. The media has shown that women as the weaker ones, whose role is not major unlike the male gender who are strong and fearless and are depicted as the stronger sex. In some cases, media stereotypes are used to erroneously justify some positions, say, for leaders in power. This concept implies the depiction of women in films and other media from the male perspective. This makes them, and even men feel that women cannot exhibit their own potential in the job markets or other fields. Nevertheless, the concept of gender is also sensitive and of immense significance in discussing media representation (Laughey 2009,. In the past, the male domination in the society was more obvious and could be easily traced in mass media portraying women as housewives and mothers above all (Arriaga Foshee, 2004, 199). But such biased representation is not as frequent and strong as it used to be several decades ago.

representation of gender in the media essay

Today, mass media attempt to be more tolerant in relation to women and depict them as equal to men. Bennett, A 2005, Culture and Everyday Life, sage, London. Whannel, G 2001, Media Sport Stars: Masculinities and Moralities, Routledge, London. This notwithstanding, in the job market there are about a third of employees who are females, showing that there is a great gender based bias while recruiting which favors males. However, mass media just mirrored profound social changes that took place and changed gender relations in the society. There have been many studies and investigations into the different types and intensity of the media coverage in sport involving both sexes.

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Representation of, gender and Sexuality in, media essay. Historically, media represented gender and sexuality in the way that matched the dominant public view and mirrors the evolution of gender -related biases and stereotypes and views on sexuality. Gender Representation, of, media Essay 2172 Words 9 Pages. Gender Representation in, media Media (advertising, television and other forms in which consumers obtain content) is a forum that has such an immense power, a power that the common lay man representation of gender in the media essay just doesnt realize. Media Cultural Analysis, gender, Representation and Advertising Images Table of Contents Table of Contents 2 Introduction 3 Theoretical Understanding of, media, forms and Genres 4 Strengths and Weaknesses of Semiotics 7 Conclusion 9 References Introduction Products are being marketed through. Media s, representation of old, gender, stereotypes, essay. Simple to fall into the falsified world created by the media. At a very young age we are bombard and exposed to various forms of media that imply stereotypical messages. Mass media and Gender by The of the The of the School The and where itis located The Date Mass media and Gender Background It would not be a mistake to suggest that the perception of gender has been changing throughout the history. Gender and media representation. Gender is arguably the basic element of identification commonly used to categorize human beings as men or women. Nevertheless, the concept of gender is also sensitive and of immense significance in discussing media representation (Laughey 2009,. Essay Media Representation Of Gender Stereotypes The mass media perpetuates gender stereotypes and, in doing so, distorts our understanding of ourselves as individuals.